What Are The 3 Most Important Things In A Marriage?

What are the 3 most important things in a marriage?

Planning to get married shortly? If so. What are the 3 most important things in a marriage you need to know to build a harmonious marriage with your beloved partner?
Which couple doesn’t dream of marriage? Almost all couples want marriage as the goal of their relationship. However, a harmonious marriage cannot just be built without preparation, you know, Friends. There are several important things that you and your partner must prepare before making a wedding ring exchange. Anything?

Make commitments important in marriage

Dare to decide to continue the relationship to the level of marriage means that you and your partner are also ready to commit. This is very important, because, with commitment, you and your partner will be mutually responsible for their respective roles. Not only that, but the presence of this commitment will also make you and your partner better prepared to accept each other’s shortcomings, and one most important thing, ready to live the bittersweet married life together.


Many people ignore this one thing. In fact, spending time on the sidelines of a busy life is one of the recipes for maintaining the harmony of your relationship with your partner. There are various activities that you can do together with your partner, from watching your favorite movies or television shows, having dinner and breakfast together, or just having a light conversation before you and your partner fall asleep. You would agree that the moment together with your loved one is very precious and irreplaceable.

Always Show Love and keep your hopes

Getting married doesn’t mean you don’t have to be romantic or always show your love for your partner. There is no need to embarrass, there are many ways to express it, for example by saying words of love or sweet flattery for your partner or a romantic date on a Sunday night.

Getting married has many very noble goals. Naturally, if on his way, he finds unpleasant things.
The next time you encounter something unpleasant, remember that the purpose of getting married is not just for fun.
Always keep your hopes, don’t give up hope just because you find unpleasant things in married life.

Showing your love for your partner can also be done by giving gifts on special days such as anniversaries. Gifts that you offer to him, can be the sweet glue of your relationship and your partner. Therefore, always make sure you give the best gift that is his favorite, yes! For example, for you men, jewelry is the best choice of gifts for couples.

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