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Why Should We Make A Wedding Website?

The wedding website Ideas was a part of the deal. Everyone gets a wedding website for the guests. To see photos of itineraries of groomsmen bridesmaids. So I knew the not was a popular place to get a website. So I immediately registered the knot. and I used the knot. Throughout the wedding planning process to recommend different vendors as well.

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So I just automatically started using them. Not as our wedding website ideas so I picked our URL name I registered the not. And I picked the name countdown to the crater. Which is our hashtag. And I just did the knot backslash us backslash countdown to crater.

Now you can get your URL. You can buy it from you know all this. Other websites that offer you can. it’s like five-ten dollars. So you don’t have the knot com backslash. You ask backslash whatever it could just be a countdown to crater comm. Or whatever you want but you can do that.

How To Make A Wedding Online?

If you want to buy that I did not want to spend extra money. On that, I thought it was unnecessary. So I just ended up going with a knot and what they offered us and it’s been fabulous. So Zola calm I’m registered. On because we’re using it for our gift registry now.

That’s a completely different episode. But Zola dot-com also offers a free. awesome wedding website. If you get your invitations. Or say the dates which is another episode. We’re gonna get into minted calm. Also offers another free wedding website.

With buying so a lot of these wedding companies. That sells things that are kind of gear. Towards weddings will offer you free wedding website ideas and a free URL. If it has their name in it cuz it gives me publicity too.

So there are so many options you can get your wedding website. So I’m gonna show you our wedding website now. You can Scroll through the website it’s pretty. Self-explanatory and pretty hands. Especially for those older people who may not know how to navigate the internet. So well there are only a few tabs. And the front is easy it has a big picture of Adam. A countdown to our wedding date. And then if you scroll down you can see our groomsmen. Our bridesmaid’s photos and who they are. And what they mean to us another tab. On there is a photo so if someone doesn’t have social media. They can go to this website. And they can look at our engagement photos. They can look at our proposal photos. And eventually, I’m gonna put on there. on the party photos bridal shower.

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So people involved may not have social media. Which is probably a lot of the older generation. Now another tab on there which is convenient. Is accommodation so for those who want to book their hotel early? And now they’re invited they can go on here. And get our code for a hotel and book their accommodations early. Because it is a destination wedding idea for over half. Of our guests another tab on. Our wedding registry so these days a lot of wedding gifts. Are bought online and are cash so our tab is on there so people can easily find where we’re registered. If they want to get us a gift for something in advance. as well so the wedding website comes in handy. it’s awesome for those people of a different generation. Those who don’t have social media they can get online and go.

See what’s going on with wedding ideas. the countdown who’s in the wedding. Where’s it at all the details they need. are right in front of them it’s super easy. And then not made it easy to change and upload. as well I’m really happy. That I chose them not for a wedding website. super easy if you want to check it out too.

I will link it below and I have some fun photos on there. As well but you don’t have to go through not again there. Are different options out there so just pick the one that’s right for you. And if you want to buy your own. buy your own because why not it’s a once-in-a-lifetime. all right guys that’s it for wedding

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