What Exactly Do Wedding Planner Do?

I think it’s really important for a bride and groom to have a planner. Invest in a wedding planner. A lot of people do like to plan their wedding. A bride and a groom need a wedding planner. There’s a very big misconception that brides and grooms doing weddings by themselves. Regardless your wedding day will be perfect. Whether or not you plan it yourself, you seated yourself, you have a venue co√∂rdinator. Your day would be perfect and magical. However when you the help of a wedding planner. We make sure that your day runs smoothly. And not just your day but everything about your entire experience runs smoothly. You don’t have to worry about anything.

wedding planner


The brides need to have somebody on their side to make sure they are managing their budget. A lot of the time I feel like a bank manager. Because I am managing a budget all the time. It’s just making sure that clients don’t overspend and they are using like-minded people. And that is going to produce the best possible wedding for them. A lot of people obviously when they’re getting married it’s for their first time. So they have no clue what a flower would cost or what a wedding dress should cost and these prices can vary.

It all depends on the taste and quality and style of the couple and what they’re after. so it’s, I find that it is my job to educate the couple. To say well if this is a particular look and style that you’re going for. You gearing and looking at a price range between x and y. Just to give them an understanding of what things should cost and when the quotes do come in and they’re looking at it and they’re either shocked or happy with it. It’s to say well yes it has come in at this price but it’s a reasonable price or it’s a good price for what you’re asking for.

The misconception is that wedding coordinators or wedding planners cost a fortune. But actually, somebody that has a certain sense of ingenuity. And knows what they are doing can save a couple a tremendous amount. Money and at the same time a tremendous amount of value with regards to originality. Creativity and interesting ideas. It makes our job easier when someone hands over everything. and they want you as an expert to take control of everything. So it’s mostly clients that don’t have the time to plan their wedding. Clients that don’t know what they want or where to go and need a professional to do that. So if you don’t know where to start. How much things cost and how do interpret your vision into something that is done and put together for your day. Then I would suggest getting a wedding

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