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Picking your venue is going to be one of the first. Things that you do after you get engaged. Picking your wedding venues is super important and sets the tone for the entire event. The very first thing you need to be aware of. When you start looking for venues. are you need to know how many guests. You’re going to have obviously. You don’t need a guest list right. Off the bat but it is super important. That you know about how many people. Because that narrows down your venue. Search if you fall in love with a venue. That only holds 100 people and you’re planning on having 150. then you just wasted your time. So make sure you have a really good idea. Of how many guests you’re having. Are gonna be happy you can start going to town and researching venues.

So what I did is I went on the nuts website. They have a wedding venues search tool on there. That’s really great you type in your area. Then there’s also like a bunch of different filters. You can use it for like price. The number of guests things like that. to help you narrow down your search. Once I set my filters and my area. I pretty much just started scouring through every single venue. So like I said I like poured. over all the different venue options on the not. Just to get an idea of different places. that I definitely was really interested in. And those places that I was super interested in. Even before I went to like see them. In-person I looked at a lot of reviews online.

How much should a wedding venue cost? What is the most popular wedding venue? Is owning a wedding venue profitable? What should a wedding venue include?

One great place that looks for reviews is the wedding. It’s like a forum-type website for all things wedding-related. And it’s been around for years. so there are like years and years and years of forums on there. and it’s super helpful. so I would just type in the wedding venues into wedding B. and a bunch of different posts would come up. and I would see what people were saying like did. they like the food was the atmosphere. good how was the staff I mean did the day go off without a hitch were their problems. what were they and just trying to get a feel for each place? obviously, you can look at people’s websites. but that is like their highlight reel they’re only gonna put the best pictures. they’re only going to display the good reviews.

I’ll tank websites like the knot has reviews as well. But for some reason, I just really liked using wedding B. So that was the next thing that I would do after I kind of got a list. So I could get an even better feel for this wedding venue. My main goal is to try to get the best picture. Possible I could have each venue. I in without actually having to go. Because I was looking all over the Greater Philadelphia area. I was looking at some that were in like New Jersey. Some that weren’t downtown in Philly. Some somewhere like out in the country. I was kind of all over the place when you search in the beginning. But anyway so I really wanted to try to do as much research. as I could beforehand to really narrow.

My list out before I went in person you do get a different feel when. You go visit wedding venues in person you can see a lot from pictures. But it is a totally different experience. When you’re seeing it for yourself. Live personally I am just super decisive. And I knew exactly pretty much what I wanted. So I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of time looking at different venues. Because I knew I’d be able to narrow it down pretty well from what. I was able to gather online I will say though that I. Our venue totally off of feeling. When I was there I mean it did meet all
my criteria at the same time. But I wouldn’t have gone there.

If it didn’t meet my criteria anyway. When I walked into like we’re having it like a fall room. When I walked into the room I got goosebumps. And I just wanted to dance like I was like I just want. Like wearing a white dress and I wanna start spinning around on this dance floor. I just wanted to dance so that’s how I knew like alright this is. what we’re gonna have it and we ended up. Like totally switching up our whole wedding plans. To this venue, they didn’t have any of the taste we wanted. We ended up moving the wedding up way earlier than we were planning on having it. But it was just it was that important to us. Because I loved it that much. And I just got such an amazing feeling being there.

And I knew that this was definitely the place where we had to hold. It was funny actually. Because we almost didn’t even go see it. Because they didn’t have any of the dates. We in but we’re in a city. And I was like god I’m gonna cancel the appointment. Look remind so I’ll just go at least to use it for like comparison purposes. like why not just see another place. We’re already here so we ended up going and we walked into the ballroom and literally. we looked at each other. And we were like this is it like we have to have it here. So we had a complete change of our whole plan. But it was so worth it. I wouldn’t have done it any other way for me.

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personally, there were a couple of things. That I was really looking for obviously. It had in my area. And it had to fit the some about several guests. That we were going having. But the nerves also some criteria. that was important to me that I wanted. To the venue to have the first. And probably the most important thing is. I wanted the venue something. That was pretty much a blank canvas obviously. Every wedding venue is gonna have its own look. And feel but I didn’t want something that was going super detailed. Or anything any kind of strong decorations or colors or anything like that. That I wouldn’t be able to work with my vision.

For our wedding is it’s going lots of white lots of gold a bit of blush here. And there but something that is just very bright and classic and kind of glamorous and traditional at the same time. So there were a lot of venues that I was looking at that. I thought were really cool places. And you know they were definitely good options for us. But they had like bright yellow walls in the reception room. Or like these thick red velvety curtains on these big giant beautiful windows. What if I want to have a white and gold wedding.

It’s just gonna totally clash with that room. So it was important for me to find a place that was of course had its own look and feel. But also at the same time was enough of a blank canvas. That I knew I could kind of project my ideas and my vision for the day. Onto that room and into that environment and it. Wasn’t going to clash it was just gonna compliment. What I already had in mind and along with that it’s important. To think about when you start going through a wedding venue like what kind of look. You want and just, in general, like are you going for something. That’s more rustic click are you looking for.

Like a farm or a barn or maybe even a way to hold your wedding festivities. Or are you looking for something more glamorous or traditional? Like a ballroom or something like that there’s definitely a lot of different ways. That you can decorate and create an obvious in all of those places. But you do kind of have to decide. Like what you’re going for if it’s gonna be something. That’s more rustic or more glamorous or traditional anything like that. The next thing that was important to me when looking. At was whether they had on-site.

This important to all to some people. But for me, I just could not get past the fact that certain places just didn’t have like. Okay everyone’s just gonna go up to their rooms. At the end of the night, everything’s right there no one has to drive. You can just stay at a fun party and let loose I think that’s probably. Because most of the weddings that I’ve been to in my lifetime. As far as my family that’s how they’ve always been. And I just love that environment. I don’t like having to get bussed from here to there. And have people have to drive. I just love the idea that you arrive at the reception venue.

and that’s where it’s like that’s where everything. If you don’t do worry about leaving. You have to worry about driving. And you don’t worry about being transported anywhere. You’re just there and it’s just you’re ready to have a good time. And just enjoy the night so it was really important to me. That there were on-site and especially enough. That both our guests as well. as the wedding party would all be staying in the same place. Obviously, not all of our guests are going to be staying at the hotel where we’re hosting our wedding. But I wanted that an option.

There was one venue we were looking at. That was so gorgeous I was with it. It could not have been more perfect. Other than that there wasn’t a lot of there. Was actually like it was this huge old manor and it did have rooms in it. Where you could stay but it would only be like Matt. And I and like a select few other people. And I just don’t like the idea. Of like waving bye to the guests at the end of the night. And having them go off to somewhere else separate from where we are. Because we want to have an after-party. We want to soak up that day. And make it last as long as possible. And just totally roll with it. and enjoy the party.

So I just didn’t like the idea of being separated from or guests. I wanted able to hang everyone. I didn’t want I just didn’t want that disconnect at the end of the night. It just seems sad to me so I ended up. Just not even going to look at that menu in person. Because I knew I didn’t want that it was not important to me. That I just completely crossed off my list. It’s not an option because I just didn’t like the idea of having a bus back and forth. And then say goodbye I guess again tonight. I said just do your research.

Do your homework just try to narrow it down as best you can at home. From the comfort of your own couch. Before you go crazy and looking at tons of different ensues. And also just figure out you know. What’s important to you and things. That you’re not willing to compromise on and then just go from there. And of course, the most important thing is having fun with it. Enjoy the process it stressful but just have fun with it. Looking at the wedding venues is intimidating. It can take longer than you want. But it is so fun at the end of the day. So just enjoy it have a good time doing it.

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