Wedding First Dance Songs | What is the top 10 wedding songs?

Today we’ve got a killer collection of wedding first dance songs. If you love music. You’re getting married soon. Then you’re probably thinking come on Dean get into it. And kick off the top ten countdowns of the best wedding ceremony songs.

Just blame up this is a current version of the best wedding songs. We would love to hear. what you think as well to keep refining the list. so as you can hear we’re kicking off.


wedding first dance songs

Top 10 best wedding first dance songs

  • With you and me by life house as a number 10.

A great lyric to walk down the aisle to and there’s a performer. I’ve just got to say it just works every time. And it can also work really well during the signing.

  • So keep that in mind number nine.

Can’t help falling in love released in 1961 by Elvis Presley. This is just a classic raw expression from the heart. And there are some awesome interpretations of this song on YouTube. Explore them and I’m gonna slip. The version in there also smells as well. A good friend analyzes this version.

  • Number eight marry me by train.

The train has written some great ballads over the years. And this one, in particular, has been very popular for weddings. It definitely tugs on the heartstrings. And its specific message of marriage. Really does hit home when it’s played as a ceremony. If I ever get the nerve to say hello.

  • Number seven is somewhere over the rainbow.

This iconic ballad really is something special. So many great versions are available. Let’s take a little moment though to pay. Tribute to those beautiful artists. That gave us some incredible versions. Those are no longer with us.

  • Number six is all of me by John Legend.

Who could say no to this for home antic ballad John? Has nailed it and it just works so. Well also cutting the cake or the first dance. And the Boise Avenue version is also a great rendition. Very popular 64 million views on YouTube. Awesome versions of lots of songs you love.

The 5 best last weddings first dance songs

  • Number five away by the cause.

Released in 95 runaways the day blue. Single of the Irish family banned. The cause of its unique Celtic feel has been popular. And just keeps coming back so. It’s a well-written song. And it just has a nice gentle start that ends with Andrea singing. If she would give away everything with her lover. love that and we’re right there with you Andrea.

  • Number four by Lone Star.

The American country band released it. Nearly 20 years ago would you believe? And it’s still their biggest hit to date. Since the release of the original. The songs have been covered many times really.

Well, I might add Bonnie Tyler boys to men. And check out this cool country love songs version. Shane for learning in Westville the song. Really hits home regardless of whatever. The genre of music is your first preference. We are getting down the list now.

  • Number three is thinking out.

Loud by Ed Sheeran when it comes to modern love songs. Ed Sheeran is the man he had nine of his 10 songs in the UK top 10 charts. At one time last year. Wow, that is epic.

Thinking out loud has a casual 2.3 billion views on YouTube. It even referred to it as walking down. The isle song and is lovely. To dance to Edie spent five hours a day. For three weeks rehearsing to pull it off.

  • Number two is a thousand years by Christina Perry.

This great song brings up a lot. Images of vampires but it’s sentimental. Feel and beautiful lyrics make it. A go-to song for any bride and groom. On their special day today this epic track. Remains a popular choice and is invoking.

The right kind of emotion to keep it. One of the most played songs during.

The Popular Wedding Song

  • Wedding ceremonies across the globe And our number one spot of the best.

Wedding song of all time goes to. ed Sheeran with perfect. as mentioned ed knows how to pull on the heartstrings and his release of perfect. Peaked at number one in the UK and Sixteen other countries including Canada. Ireland New Zealand and here in Australia.

The track became even more popular. When he released the duet with Beyoncé. taking it to number one in the US.

And he stated he wanted to beat thinking out loud. But what do you think is it perfect or is it thinking out loud or. What is your favorite wedding first dance songs tell us? What you think and please comment below¬†if we’ve missed any awesome songs. That on every wedding ceremony playlist.

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