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The wedding decoration stage is the focal point of the invitees present

wedding decoration stage
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The memory of being on the wedding decoration stage is a one-time occasion. The incident for the second time would not be the same as what had happened before. Things that are only done once are a pity to just forget about, especially when happy moments are like a wedding.

Preservation with photos and videos is not enough to express happiness. A couple when it is time to arrive at the aisle stage. Maybe decorations like this will help decorate the happy memories that be passed with styles, models, and themes that can be adjusted to your liking.

Always try to present the best decoration appearance to describe the atmosphere of all family happiness. Always think of decorating a place to be more interesting and memorable. Dealing with a different place makes the spirit think and think again. Compete better. With unlimited creativity. Serving satisfying service.

The stage is the focal point of the invitees present. Therefore, the wedding stage must be decorated according to the theme desired by the bride and groom. Commonly used themes are western, modern, minimalist, Muslim, traditional. Efforts must make to make the theme set by the bride and groom realized by the makeup, catering, and decoration parties so that they can become a unity.

The stage is the main element in wedding decoration. Whether decoration is good or not will appear from the stage results. The stage is the focal point of all wedding activities. Starting from shaking hands with guests to posing for photos. Given how important stage elements are, of course, you don’t want to choose the wrong stage right.

What Are The Tips For Choosing Wedding Decoration

The wedding stage will of course be adjusted to the wedding hall. The longer the stage, of course, the more expensive it will be considering that most of the flowers and decorative properties will place on the wedding stage. Usually, 5-8 people need to decorate the stage.

Of course, it depends on the size of the aisle. In a standard building, the size of the aisle is only about 8-10 meters. Meanwhile, in large buildings, the size of the aisle can reach 12-16 meters. Apart from the length of the aisle, what must consider is the height of the aisle. The higher, of course, the more expensive. Generally, the height of the aisle is 3-4 meters.

Another thing to consider is the decoration theme. The decoration theme will decide the wedding concept. Modern decoration may be enough to use styrofoam or rubber or glass boards as well. Meanwhile, rustic decorations will usually use wooden planks or pine wood backdrops. While a traditional theme will need carved wooden furniture which is usually made of teak wood. For the current decoration model, usually, the traditional aisle is not full of carved wooden furniture but combine with a window or backdrop cover with leaves.

Elements Of Detail Wedding Decorations

We’ll start looking at the details of the stage itself. Many stages use white or green leaf elements. This is doing to cover the area so that it looks beautiful. This leaf element will combine with flowers and lights. With the lights, will be bright and nice to photograph during the photo session. On the stage, there are usually several flower vases that design to make them look magnificent. This vase usually places behind the parent/bride and appears slightly taller than the bride and groom to make it clear.

Property details used for the stage usually depend on the taste of the decoration vendor. Some combine it with a window shape, some are in the form of a pole, some have a carved motif of rubber, some look simple with a stripes theme. Furthermore, if you already have the concept you envision, you can communicate with your wedding vendor. Choose a suitable stage shown in your decoration vendor portfolio. Convey whatever becomes your request. Ask whether the request is subject to an extra charge or not.

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