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Talking about wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples. Ideas super excited for our first wedding anniversary. So I’ve brainstormed ideas like crazy. For our first anniversary. Because I want to make it super special. And just like looking back on the year. That we’ve had together like the roller coaster every year. We’ve had together and just really say and enjoy it. Remember our wedding day because it was the best day ever. If you’re about to celebrate it and I have so our wedding anniversary. Is gonna fall on a Monday because it is a leap year. So skipped Sunday and it falls on Monday.

If you guys have the ability to UM take a vacation day from work. That’s the first thing that I suggest. That’s what we’re doing so we are taking that Monday off from work. we are going to do to spend the day together. First of all, just having a day off work is gonna be amazing. That’s the first tip is to take the day off. Just be together. The second tip is to do something that’s gonna just relax. Enjoy the day planning to do. Something we’ve never done together. Gonna get a couple’s massage and I’m super pumped. I love getting a massage. It’s nothing we have a ranch.


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Massage together was going on vacation with the family. All got massages but ours wasn’t a couples massage. That we got separated. Had to do it like the hot tub. Thing alone and then besides alone. So worried we are doing a couples massage. Gonna be super fun. If you can’t afford a crazy good massage. Like 90 minutes just doing 60 minutes. Which isn’t too bad for two people. Find the good spot looked on Yelp. so look on Yelp at a local place near you. That you can get a good deal.

The third tip for good ideas for your first wedding anniversary gift. Given if you have one watch your wedding video. Look at your wedding albums. or one or the other if you don’t have the other. a wedding video that we watched right. When got back from my honeymoon. It was awesome but haven’t watched it since. So we’re gonna I don’t think we watched the thing through we watched like favorite parts we wanted to watch so we’re gonna watch our wedding video go through our wedding album and if you saved your wedding cake the top-tier have your wedding cake long you do it so that’s kind of our plan for the evening time is just like kind of reminiscing the wedding day and looking back on it.

The fourth tip is if you don’t want to like it. Go out to an extravagant dinner which can get kind of expensive. Doing two different things food-wise eye base. So that morning planning to go to brunch. Which is way way way cheaper and sometimes in my opinion it’s way way way better than going out to like a fancy dinner so get me wrong I love going to fancy dinners they’re fun. But going to brunch that day. Just gonna enjoy some coffee. And so delicious brunch maybe a mimosa and just enjoy the morning.

Theater after sleep than of course and then. that evening food-wise we are planning to grill outlooks. like some steaks and potatoes so give him a job. give yourself a job. Help each other so he’s gonna grill the steaks. Gonna help sees the mistakes and like help each other. and gonna do like some potatoes. Like salad stuff like that. so that’s kind of our foods name the day another idea. If you giving gifts don’t want to give. Such other Something expensive for those of you. That know this the first wedding anniversary. is like the year gives a paper gift. which took forever to brainstorm some ideas on the paper case. Could get your husband tickets to a sports game.

That he likes or tickets to a concert which you. Know given the paper. Or give him tickets to airplane tickets. Like to a vacation. Afford that so something like that paper from. Write on a piece of paper like hey let’s go get those shoes. you’ve really been wanting like that could be. Gift for me though. our anniversary so he doesn’t see this. but the gift is sitting in a lap and a photographer-like on the side. Do like project photography. Have some pretty good knowledge of Photoshop. Took one of our wedding pictures. Did this is on the foam core board I had printed at the company. Had it printed out always was amazing.

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