Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors, How Much And When

Today, we are going to talk about tips on tipping wedding vendors. And only tipping how much should tip when to tip who do you tip, who do not tip. It is so confusing especially when you’re trying to work on a budget. And you like do I have to pay this person extra.

Something that like required to do are they expecting me to do that or is it optional, and I pretend like I don’t know that I’ve tipped you these are the same in the United States. I know he’s got a lot of you or is it just works for you guys you as well let me know in the comments below if you guys do tips at weddings I’m so fascinated, by the differences in our different wedding cultures, and what do things look like

Tips on tipping wedding vendors


Let’s jump right tips on tipping wedding vendors, Make a list of vendors that you tip vendors that are optional. Do not expect a tip tipping if it includes in your contract or on your bill if it does not expect it is at your discretion sitting. That for second tipping is at your discretion you are not required to tip you are already paying for a service.

Unless the invoice says that you have to take that being said and some vendors expect a tip, and some are completely blown away by it just depends on who does what and how to do it and how long they’re doing it.

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When Passing Out Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors

When you are passing out tips on tipping wedding vendors well. Now let me back up for a second because you passing out at all you should pass them off to someone another responsible party to pass them out for you with it’s your mom, your dad, your maid of honor, or your wedding planner to pass out those tips for you. So have them already in hand in an envelope with the vet written across the front of the envelope. so whoever you pass it off to knows who it goes to make sure the castle raid counter it inside and seal just ready deliver for the first class. Expect a tip the first one would be your bartender or your bartending service they do expect a tip.

if they are not putting out a tip jar if you do not need to tip them in addition to that jar you only need to tip them. if they don’t have a tip her out or if already include in their invoice. usually, that amount is about 10% of the overall bill that at the end of the event the second type of Under that expects attempt would be the rental delivery service.

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A Little More Unusual Amount Tips

Now this one’s a little more unusual only because of times you’re not there when they’re dropping off stuff, but it’s a good idea to tips on tipping wedding vendors and that amount the anywhere between 5 and $20 per delivery people, and that upon the time of delivery Center would be hair your hair artist definitely expects tipped usually that amount is anywhere from 15 to 20% of the overall service cost. That is due upon completion of your hair completely same goes with makeup.

For the most part makeup artist due expect to receive a tip, and that again anywhere from 15 to 20% of the overall service charge. Matsu as soon as done with face reception staff or and catering company this one usually include on the contract. Do not necessarily need to tip above and beyond what is on contract.

However, there are a few that don’t include that you take your contract. That is due at the end of the event the next group of vendors is more of an optional category. But you can if you want to some people do some people don’t depend on their budget for the services rendered ceremony musicians.

If you are having a string quartet or someone plays guitar and someone sing. You can tip them that’d be a perfectly acceptable amount anywhere from 15 to $25 a person. And do at the end of the ceremony section band. If you’re having one of those again 15 to $25 a person. Do at the end of the reception or just having a DJ, and you would like to tip them again this one optional be anywhere from 50 to $150 and it’s due at the end of the event.

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Give a donation

You know videographer is the same they do not, however. If you would like to tip them it would be for fifty to $200 at the end of the event. Upon receiving your wedding video totally don’t expect the tip not expecting. One delivery driver maybe but not the force themselves. If you do choose to do that I’ll be in the Mount of about 10%. Your overall floral Bill and that would be due upon delivery your efficient most likely is definitely not anticipating.

However, if you choose to give them one. It could be in the Mount of anywhere from 75 to about $150. And that would be due at the end of the ceremony instead of tipping the efficient themselves. You can to the church at which they work, and lastly. Your planner climbers do not expect tips at all. If you choose to give your planner at it somewhere. For about 15% of your total planning Bill and that can either be at the end of the event. That was a lot of numbers because that was a lot. I just threw at you real fast but honestly coming from a vendor. He works at a lot of weddings, especially from a crowd of people.

Tell Everyone About How Wonderful Their Services

You know why because that grows my business which honestly is priceless. I cannot put a dollar value on what people give me houseplants. I’m not kidding I love them so much for it people give me houseplants.

Can you tell that I like a little knot chill out my love plants? I’ll take that please don’t feel pressured to tip people. that are not on the expected part of the list. Just leave them a good review and tell everyone about how wonderful their services are.

Were and honestly that is worth it. More than its weight in gold which not quite sure how much Effector review the wood way and gold. So don’t think that analogy works here Flatonia for today folks. Thank you so much for stopping by I want to do a little of a pole. Actually, if you guys can hear me on this if you can jump down on the comments below. I want to hear first where you’re from talking about. If you were planning a wedding of your own and if so when’s the date.

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