Which Wedding Website Is Best

Wedding Website Have Become Increasingly Popular

When I got married. I didn’t know that a wedding website existed. This is funny since I’ve done a ton of website development. In the past okay. I still do the development. Not the marriage thing. Because I’m already married. But it’s more streamlined in templates. Now since then, websites have become increasingly popular. To showcase a couple’s plans and events. Who knew often they post engagement photos. Event invitation information and cute stories about the two people.

You can make your website by hiring a web developer. Or you can choose to learn HTML CSS java. Or become your website developer. But that last option takes a lot of time in learning. Oh, and you probably don’t have that time to learn.


wedding website ideas

All that stuff if you’re going married soon. If you don’t think that’s true. You will soon go with the website platform. I recommend finding a content management system to set up your wedding website. What’s that something like WordPress is free. You will need to buy a domain for like 10 bucks for a year. And you can find that many places I use the name cheap. And you will need to buy hosting. for something like fifty dollars per year.

For shared hosting services I use the I page besides. To this, you may want to buy a theme. That be that used in addition to the content management system in your website. You know and I recommend just going with a freebie theme. And making it your own is not too hard at all. Give it a shot of the purpose of using a content management system like WordPress.

Choose a domain for your wedding site

By the way, is so that the code has already been created for your website. You’ll just sign up for an account or the plugins or your post. And then transfer the blog to the domain. You just purchased there are two versions of that or XCOM is the freebie WordPress that’s hosted. But you can point to it with the domain confusing. I know but wherever it’s bear with me. Or you can do WordPress.org II. Which is free WordPress software but you install it yourself on your host. But if you go with someone. They have a button in the back of the control panel. That’s the one-click install a WordPress in a boom it’s installed. It’s pretty cool the idea is that.

This way you can log into your blog account. Or your domain and use the post. They to post to the website type some stuff in. It shows up in a beautiful themed out. Look there are very user-friendly. And they allow most multiple post types made. Where it’s just text or video or images or more besides. You can use widgets and those are the boxes of information. On the side, menus to keep track of special dates. To highlight special posts and a track. How many visits your site is getting you to know. Because that’s cool these useful tools. Now you just need to log in to your website periodically. To keep it updated post more cute stories about the two of you. And of course pictures. How close you are they have planned. The wedding of your dreams keeps them updated.

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