How to Take Care of a Wedding Dress

How to take care of a wedding dress

How to take care of a wedding dress. This year, there are definitely many couples who have been forced to postpone their marriage because of the corona pandemic. Apart from having to ‘turn your brains’ on a special return date, you shouldn’t forget to keep and take good care of your wedding clothes. Especially for the bride’s wedding dress, yes!

How to Take Care of a Wedding Dress
In order to keep your clothes in good condition until the special day arrives, try the ways to care for your wedding dress below.

1. Choosing the Right Storage Box

Storage Box to take care of a wedding dress

How to take care of a wedding dress. If you have to store your wedding clothes for 6 months, you can actually wear a cover or wedding dress bag. But if it’s more than one year, you have to prepare a special storage box.

The function of the wedding dress box is to prevent deformation of the dress and protect it from light, dust, sharp surfaces, and insects. Hence, you must choose an airtight box to prevent discoloration.

2. Not All Wedding Dresses Can Be Hanging

Not all wedding dresses can be stored by hanging

Not all wedding dresses can be stored by hanging. To store a wedding gown filled with pearls or made with expensive and heavy materials, there is a risk that the shoulder strap will break.

Should be stored in a box or cover of the wedding dress, but not hung. What is important, avoid choosing to store it in a plastic cover. Besides being breathable, the fibers in the dress can also be damaged.

3. Use Acid-Free Paper

Acid-Free Paper

If you keep a wedding dress in a box, it’s best to cover the wedding dress with acid-free paper. For example, using Montvale Canson paper for extra protection.

This acid-free paper serves to prevent discoloration of the dress and protects the pearls or crystals that make up your wedding dress.

4. Choose a room that is not exposed to sunlight

The key, you have to store the wedding dress in a dark and dry room. If the wedding dress is directly exposed to sunlight, it can make the white dress turn yellow. So, keep it in a room where the temperature is stable.

6. Wear Gloves When Removing a Wedding Dress

If the wedding dress is stored long enough, but you have to try again, make sure to remove makeup and deodorants. The point is you have to be clean. When wearing it, wear gloves to avoid dirty wedding clothes.

Besides that, you actually really have to avoid taking out your wedding gowns from storage too often.

6. Wedding Dresses Must Be Washed with a Special Dry Clean

Do not confuse the dry clean treatment of a wedding dress with ordinary clothes. Because the material, stitching, and details of the wedding dress require special attention and handling. So, hand over your wedding gown to the laundry that specializes in wedding dresses.

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