How To Interact With Kindergarteners We Need To Know

how to interact with kindergarteners

Looking for how to interact with kindergarteners? Age and character can indeed be a barrier. Try the following 10 tips for smooth communication with children.

It takes a change in mindset so that it is easy to communicate with children

It is a struggle that is not easy for us to be able to stay close to children. Yet this is one of the keys to our success.

It must be admitted that we do come from a different time than our children. They will never like “Rod Stewart” until we understand and know about “One Direction”.

Before it’s too late, let’s try these 10 tips for interacting with kindergarten children so that our relationship with our children continues to be harmonious.

1. Spend time interact with kindergarteners

Always include a schedule for activities with children in your daily schedule. Allow your little one to choose an activity that he likes, even if it’s just watching MTV at home. In this way, you will know how your little one’s character is at home, what he likes, and so on.

2. Give them your full attention

We often complain that our children often ignore or do not care about our busy lives. But who knows, the beginning of the mistake will be from us.

Often as parents, we come home tired. Or even though we are active at home, we instead choose TV or gadgets as our children’s friends, so that we can immediately finish our homework or take care of our business.

We’re always busy, busy, and busy all the time. Until they need us, we always say, “Sorry Mom / Dad, there is no time,” or “Ouch, Dad / Mom is tired, Sis, just tomorrow.”

From now on, let’s devote a little more effort to paying attention and communicating with them. Let’s do this for the sake of keeping our relationship and the children close.

3. Appreciate them

Appreciating the efforts of our toddlers or teenager for their good behavior will create a positive relationship. And positive relationships will of course be an effective way to communicate or talk with them.

4. Respect the wishes of the child

The problem of how to interact with kindergarteners is often underestimated by parents. But realizing that what is “trivial” is actually important for children will greatly help the relationship between parent and child.

So come on, let us cherish and respect their every word, and wish. Our appreciation for them will inspire trust and strengthen our relationship with our children.

5. Use good body language to interact with kindergarteners

It is highly recommended that parents lower their voices and speak more quietly to children. In addition, it is advisable to try to speak at an even height, for example by lowering your body or even sitting down. This method will reduce the children’s fear and intimidation that may feel when talking to their parents.

6. Talk more often

Make communicating with children a habit. If your little one at home is still a toddler, then talk to him about simple things. It may be difficult at first, but this habit will let your little one know that his parents will always try to connect with him.

7. Be flexible to interact with kindergarteners

When children become teenagers, they may question our rules and try to ask for more freedom. For this reason, when complete freedom cannot be given, be flexible and give leniency to the rules as long as they do not endanger the safety and violate the principles of the house.

8. Love them sincerely

A wise adage says that children are never too old to be told that we, their parents, love them so much. So, say “I love you” to the toddler and show through deeds, our love for the teenager.

9. Give clear reasons

When you want to scold your child, first hold back your emotions, especially from accusing words. Instead, talk kindly to the child and show that parents are ready to explain what went wrong. Practice and try to communicate well even in emotional situations.

10. Involve children in interaction

Finally, always involve the children in family activities. For example, deciding where to go on a trip, what kind of food to cook today, and so on.

This method will make children always feel close to their parents even though they may, later on, parents and children will live far away or years apart.

that’s tips on how to interact with kindergarteners. Hopefully can help

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