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The Importance of Bridesmaids in Weddings

Bridesmaid is the key to smoothness in a wedding reception. At the wedding, there are always bridesmaids and grooms or bridesmaids and groomsmen. Not only appearing as a sweetener. But there are important tasks they carry out as the key to the smooth running of the wedding exception, inseparable from the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Make sure you understand and understand the task of this companion.

A wedding is a very special moment, especially for the bride and groom. Close people such as family and parents friends are very meaningful in enlivening the event. Not only to enliven the event. The bride and groom also need a companion so that their event runs smoothly. Bridesmaid or groomsmen is very meaningful to help the prospective bride and groom. Well, actually what are the duties of bridesmaids and groomsmen.



What Duties the Bridesmaid does

    • The first task as a bridesmaid is to help prepare for the wedding. helping to prepare for the event being a bridesmaid is not easy, you have ready. If the bride and groom need your help both on the D-day and the day before. many things you can help with. Such as fitting clothes looking for a make-up artist or other preparations.
    • Second, prepare the bridal shower. It feels incomplete without having a bridal shower. The shower blazer is a celebration. to celebrate the release of a woman’s singles. Before her wedding day. Usually, a bridesmaid’s job is to prepare a place such as a café or a restaurant. Or a vacation spot like a slow way to do a wedding breakup.
      With the singles period.
    • The three friends confide in Surely there are several problems that the prospective bride and groom must go through in preparing for her wedding. For that, the bridesmaid is here to listen to complaints. To the various problems faced by the prospective bride in preparing for her big day. As a bridesmaid, of course, you are a good listener. and of course, restore the mood of the bride.
    • Fourth safeguard the bridal goods. When the day of the bride and groom. Think about and take care of their personal belongings. Your job is to take care of his important belongings such as cellphones, wallets, and other items.
    • Fifth, make sure the bride and groom don’t go hungry. At the time of the wedding. the bride and groom will be busy meeting the guests. Therefore you have to make sure the bride and groom have eaten before the event starts. so that their stamina remains a lot.
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Preparation of a Groomsmen Task

Groomsmen duty to attend all events. As best man for the groom. groomsmen to attend all events before the D-day.
Apart from being a companion, the groomsmen were also present as receptionists. And help prepare for the event.

  • The second is accompanying the groom. The mandatory task of the groomsman is to walk behind the groom. headed to the wedding altar. or to the aisle together with their respective bridesmaids.
  • The third helps the groom in terms of games. Many series of events passed before the D-day of the wedding. one of them is the bridesmaid challenge for the prospective groom and groomsmen. When going to pick up the bride at his home or his residence. Groomsmen must help the groom. To succeed in picking up his idol. like after the rules of the game made by Bridesmaid.
  • The fourth keeps the bridegroom from going hungry. The same is the case with the bridesmaid groomsmen. Also need to pay attention condition of the groom has eaten or not. Because it will meet the guests. filling their stomachs is usually not always their attention.
  • The fifth is always smiling. not only the bride and groom. Groomsmen will also meet guests. Be the best man for the bride. Of course, you must always smile often and always be friendly to everyone you meet. So, that was the task of the bridesmaids and wedding receptions.

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