What Can Happen If Your Potassium Level Is Too Low

What can happen if your potassium level is too low. Every mineral from food plays an important role in survival. One of them is potassium or potassium, a macromineral that is needed in large quantities. Lack of potassium can cause medical symptoms and be harmful to the body. Potassium deficiency disease, or hypokalemia, can occur … Read more

What Is The Treatment For Hyperkalemia? Symptoms And Cause

Hyperkalemia is a disease where the potassium content in the blood is too high. Symptoms that result from hyperkalemia can be very complex, ranging from muscle fatigue, tingling to heart rhythm irregularities. Potassium is a mineral that plays an important role in the body. Particularly in the maintenance of muscle, nerve, and heart function. Normally, … Read more

Hyperkalemia Treatment Guidelines, Diagnosis And Management

What is the emergency treatment for hyperkalemia? ( hyperkalemia treatment guidelines). Hyperkalemia is an electrolyte disorder that is often found in daily practice. This condition can be mild but can also be an emergency condition. Severe hyperkalemia can lead to death from arrhythmias and the acid-base disorders that accompany it. Also, looking for the etiology … Read more