How To Make A Relationship Work When One Has A Child

After marriage, how to make a relationship work when one has a child to build a household. Not to mention that married couples spend more time with their own busyness. After having children, sometimes the intimate and romantic things gradually fade away. Maybe a married couple could have forgotten the last time they had quality … Read more

Qualities Of A Good Partner In Marriage

Qualities of a good partner in marriage. In the courtship stage, everything may look beautiful and the problem of personality differences doesn’t really surface. Because it is very important, you know, the personality of your partner before deciding to get married. Do not let us get too lulled by the euphoria moments of dating that … Read more

Challenges In Marriage And How To Overcome Them

Challenges in marriage and how to overcome them. A woman who doesn’t get married at 25 doesn’t mean she doesn’t sell. Maybe they have other priorities. For example, want to pursue higher education and a brilliant career. Getting married does not limit our movements, but not getting married is also not a shame. Because a … Read more