Why No Fault Divorce Is Bad

Why no fault divorce is bad. Divorce can affect the development of children. However, in addition to the negative effects, there are also positive impacts that are felt by children who are victims of their parent’s divorce.

The positive impact of divorce:

1. Children become more independent
2. Children have the ability to survive because getting something in life is not an easy thing
3. Some kids get stronger and get up

But not everyone is like that because every individual is different

When “no-default” divorce is mentioned, many people wonder what the big deal is all about. “If two people want to go their own way, let them go.” However, this is NOT what “no-fault” divorce is all about. “No-fault divorce” is the marketing term for unilateral divorce, forced divorce, or divorce on demand.

In this interview, Matthew Johnston discusses why “no-fault” divorce IS a big deal. “No-fault” turns justice on its head, leads to abuse, impacts children, and brings chaos to society.

This is one reason why we need to

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