Why Men Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

Why men don't want to get married anymore

Why men don’t want to get married anymore. Maybe for some people getting married is an obligation to continue the lineage. However, some feel that marriage is not an obligation, but more like a burden.

Everyone has their own view on marriage. Ready or not ready to get married, it’s back to each person’s choice. Then, what are the reasons why men don’t want to get married anymore?

  • Commitment

Bonding with other people is certainly not an easy thing. Both parties must be able to lower their ego and be willing to sacrifice for the sake of their partner. The existence of expectations and rules related to commitment in marriage is often a reason for men to choose not to marry.

Many men still want to be free. Free to meet other women, free to meet friends, and free to do anything. Therefore, if you meet a man who may be perfect but doesn’t want to get married, maybe he still doesn’t have a mature commitment.

Maybe he had been married before and failed to keep it because of an immature commitment. To have a serious relationship again and worry about the things he doesn’t want makes men don’t want to get married anymore or hold off on their next marriage.

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  • Financial problems

As a potential head of the family, a man will feel a great responsibility for his family. Unclear economic circumstances could be one of the reasons why men are not ready to remarry.

They want to have a steady job before remarrying so that their wives and children can live well.

  • It’s Nobody’s Business

Deciding don’t want to get married anymore, that’s nobody else’s business. Often the ones who are confused and make it a problem are not ourselves, but the people close to us.

Parents who want to immediately add grandchildren, or large families who are present at big day celebrations, are often the ones who ask when we will remarry.

After all, the decision not to want to remarry was none of their business. If someone really doesn’t want to, then explain so they understand.

This is indeed difficult, but it can be done, so that parents, family, as well as friends and friends, know the reason for the decision.

  • Fear of divorce again

Many men out there see emotional and economic problems often lead to divorce from a partner. This can also be motivated by a bitter past, for example, the man was divorced in his first marriage, or the man lives with divorced parents.

Men like this usually think the history of their parents will repeat themselves, this is why men don’t want to get married anymore. Although also many men out there can be successful in a second marriage.

  • Focus on career

Some men think that achieving a good career is something that needs to be done first. Even though he was married before. He will try to focus on everything that can improve his performance at work.

Men like this think that remarriage will hinder his steps in pursuing all his career ambitions. They are more interested in spending time pursuing their dream career and enjoying the freedom of being single than getting married and starting a family.

  • Trying to be faithful to the first partner

Another thing that makes why men don’t want to remarry is trying to be faithful. Great love is known only by those who undergo the relationship. When one of them has to leave forever from the world.

So to forget the memories together is something that is hard for him. He chose to try to be faithful by not remarrying.

  • Loss of ability to sexual activity

The very secret reasons why men don’t want to remarry are related to their physique or health. Loss of sexual activity ability or sexual dysfunction can make a man decide not to remarry.

This is done to maintain his shame and feelings of disappointment for his potential partner. Actually, this can be tried for healing efforts if there is a strong desire and urge.

  • No freedom

Marriage is often seen as a sign of the end of one’s freedom, including men. After marriage, a man thinks he should dedicate himself to his family so that he will have less time for himself and his friends.

It is this wrong thinking that makes a man think marriage is something that will limit his enjoyment. Most men will feel like they have lost control of their lives because of marriage and family.

  • Forgetting the time

A man who had previously been married continued his life alone. If he had a child he did not have time to find a new partner because he forgot about time.

His daily life is spent outside just to earn a living. at home, he spends time taking care of the children. Until he did not realize the time passed year after year. This is why men do not want to remarry because unconsciously the desire to marry is forgotten by time.

Maybe women who want to approach him can try to make the desire to marry again.

  • Responsibility

Men who are not ready for big responsibilities will be afraid to get married. They are not ready to carry out the various responsibilities that come with getting married. Men want to enjoy single life as long as possible, especially for men who are still thinking about career success.

  • Not ready to be a father

Being a parent is a gift and sustenance. Not everyone is entrusted with being a parent. Even so, many men are not ready to become parents. This is why they postpone marriage because having children requires a big responsibility with no small cost.

  • Don’t sacrifice

Some men don’t want to get married because they like the hedonistic and centered lifestyle. This is clearly different from the principle of marriage that requires sacrifice. Marriage requires fidelity, mutual reckoning, and emotional investment. Some men can not look at this positively.

  • Lack of understanding about marriage

Married men have a better sex life. This is often not understood by the majority of men. The National Health and Social Life Survey in the US shows that 51 percent of married men are very satisfied with their sex lives.

Only 39 men said they were more satisfied with sex without marriage. Sexual life after marriage is more satisfying because there is an emotional bond between husband and wife.

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  • Dating app

The number of dating applications promises men many choices when it comes to women. It’s not impossible that they are only interested in a short relationship.

Men who are not interested in committing to marriage find dating apps the best way to find women who are willing to fulfill their sexual desires without being tied down by marriage.

Those are some of the reasons why men don’t want to get married anymore. However, all of these reasons can of course be overcome by discussing with your partner.

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