Why Is My Boyfriend So Protective Over His Phone

Why is my boyfriend so protective over his phone

Why is my boyfriend so protective over his phone. It’s really annoying when we’re excited to share stories, but he actually activates socializing mode. Social socializing seems to be socializing because he is physical with us, but the focus is somewhere because he is immersed in his smartphone.

When we are really annoying and forced to take it, he panics not to play to take his cellphone back. Every time we borrow it, we always make sure we only use what is needed and are quickly asked to return it. What’s the matter?

Why is the boyfriend so protective over his phone? Calm down, rather than you suspect first, you better read first the following reasons.

1. Don’t want to be uncomfortable when we open a collection of photos

why is my boyfriend so protective over his phone

It is common knowledge that boyfriends have a greater interest in sex than women. Boyfriend also likes to fantasize through pictures with super sexy poses or save hot videos.

One thing women are sure to do when they accidentally open things up is to comment.

Worse most of our comments are bad and think they are weird. Why? Because we are self-conscious. But don’t think your boyfriend having an affair

2. Secret talk for boys

why is my boyfriend so protective over his phone

Men’s and women’s jokes are sometimes the same, about interest in the opposite sex. But the style of speech can be very different. They can joke about physical things, from making fun of them to compliments that lead to fantasies.

Not infrequently, the boy also jokes about the negative sides of their respective partners, for example, being too talkative, and being too minor, super quiet, to the matter of dating style.

So, when reading that, which woman not offend or jealous? So it’s better not to read it, they think it’s normal. You yourself must have a chat with your girlfriends about the boyfriend?

3. Warning, there is an achievement that is maintained

boyfriend so protective over his phone cause achievment

What makes women so jealous other than other women? Games! If his eyes don’t move at all and his finger movement speed is amazing, just take a peek at the screen. Must be playing a game.

Have you ever heard your boyfriend said ‚ÄúResponsible, finished one war huh. Wait a minute, really,” or “Don’t mess with it honey, I’ll restart again from the beginning!”.

If so, let’s shake hands first and say welcome to the “Gaming Victims’ Association of Women”. He won’t let you flip through his cellphone and ruin his achievements if you press the wrong button.

4. Smartphone So Trigger Quarrel

Your boyfriend knows you will always be looking for trouble when holding his smartphone. Every time you get access to his cellphone, you always act like a stupid detective.

Open the inbox, jealous there are many messages from girls. See the photo album, each photo is asked where, when, when, and why you weren’t invited. Open social media, let alone. You will nag a lot about the girls he follows. It’s tired if you’re so fussy.

5. You have the potential to colonize

He understands that you are a person who likes to interact, likes selfies, likes to take pictures of everything that looks beautiful around you and you are a talented person as a commentator. But yeah, don’t use your partner’s smartphone either, please. You just need to use your smartphone and your personal social media accounts.

If his principles are yours too, you can mess up his image. Even if you put a note “This is Bela, not Rio”, it makes him a joke among his friends. Men, of course, don’t like that.

So that’s why the boyfriend is so protective of his phone. Keep making privacy boundaries for each of you.

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