What Does It Mean When An Ex Appears In Your Dream

What does it mean when an ex appears in your dream

What does it mean when an ex appears in your dream. Maybe unintentionally, you’ve dreamed of an ex’s figure while sleeping. You are also curious, what does it really mean to dream of meeting your ex? Are you really still not able to move on or are you going to meet him in the near future?

According to a senior consultant in psychiatry and sexology, dr. Avani Tiwari, there are many meanings when an ex appears in your dream that can be interpreted according to mental conditions. Here’s the answer.

1. Something is missing from your life

When you dream of meeting your ex, this could be a sign that you are missing something that is missing in your life. It doesn’t mean you miss him, but there could be something else you miss that you’ve had before. It could be an old hobby or just a happy moment that you had time to feel.

2. Want to be loved

If in your dream, you are making out with your ex, this means that you are thirsty for love and attention. It doesn’t mean you want to date someone new, but it could be that you want to be noticed and loved by friends or even family.

3. Unhappy with current partner

If you are currently in a new relationship, think again. Are you really happy and content with your current partner? It could be, the reason you still often dream of your ex is because you feel dissatisfied with your current partner.

Maybe there are some advantages that the ex has that the current partner does not have. Actually, this can be communicated well without hurting his feelings.

4. Trauma of the past

Trauma makes it harder for you to forget your ex

Not always the dream of meeting your ex is based on a happy past relationship. It could be that, as a result of your previous very bad relationship, you ended up feeling a very deep trauma. Finally, this trauma makes it harder for you to forget your ex, even to the point of being carried away by dreams.

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5. Still in love with your ex

If you dream of living with your ex, this can mean that you still have a love for him. Well, if the ex is still single, maybe you can try to contact him again.

Those are some of the meanings when an ex appears in your dream from a psychological point of view. In the end, when you dream about someone, it’s not necessarily that you still love him, but there are many other factors that can cause it. Dreaming about your ex is not something that can be planned, so as long as it doesn’t bother you too much, you don’t have to worry.