What Causes Possessiveness In A Relationship

Possessive and protective what is the difference

What causes possessiveness in a relationship. Possessive behavior is defined as a very, very large sense of belonging to a partner. Meanwhile, protective means a sense of protection that creates a sense of security and comfort and puts your partner’s safety first.

What Causes Possessiveness In A Relationship

The difference is possessive and also protective. If possessiveness is usually too controlling, it is always tight with the partner so it is full of suspicion so that it cannot provide space for the partner to be able to explore himself. If you are protective, you usually have a sense of trust and security. Not regulating, yes, but directing and providing opportunities for partners to export themselves.

As a couple, of course, it is better to be protective. But with a note not to overdo it, yes, because something excessive is certainly not healthy. So that you can provide space for your partner to tell him what he is feeling.

There are three basic essences for building a healthy relationship:

  • The first is the award values
  • The second understands commitment and
  • The latter has a clear purpose.

Slave of love be careful of harming yourself

What causes possessiveness in a relationship. Slave of love is a condition for someone to worship their partner too much. It’s not uncommon for him to forget to pay attention to himself. And usually, this aftereffect is detrimental. Harming who is his partner and himself. Another term in psychology is known as the co-dependency relationship. Is it wrong to be a cute partner? Of course, it is wrong because excessive feelings are not healthy.

So if we create a codependency relationship, it usually gives people a sense of self-distrust. And also later low self-esteem because you doubt yourself. Furthermore, there is anxiety and frustration because you always want to meet the needs of your partner.

Tips to love your partner properly:

  • The first give each other happiness
  • Second, don’t forget to be happy for yourself, so loving yourself is important
  • The third is to set your priorities, you must achieve your priorities with clear goals
  • The fourth is to manage your time wisely
  • The fifth is building commitment with your partner and
  • Finally, don’t forget to give your partner space to explore themselves. Likewise with you so that you can discover the potential of each one that is in yourself.

Tips for dealing with manipulative partners

Manipulation of partners is behavior that intimidates the partner emotionally. This usually causes the couple to feel worthless, always feel guilty, and get caught up in unhealthy relationships. Manipulative behavior is also known as a gaslighting relationship.

Causes of the partner being manipulative:

  • The first has a dominant attitude and also excessive control
  • The second one lacks the value of respect for the relationship that is being lived
  • The third one is very difficult for him to accept criticism as well as mistakes
  • The fourth one is manipulative or the attitude shown can be another form or a manifestation of a great feeling of inferiority to oneself

Tips for dealing with manipulative partners:

  • The first is that you have to respect yourself by realizing that you deserve an award.
  • The second is to set a distance or limit when you start to feel threat in the relationship you are living in.
  • 3 avoid blaming yourself
  • The fourth says no when he makes you feel uncomfortable the fifth determines the consequences when he violates your privacy area. So you have the right to make priorities for yourself.

Tired of your partner

Boredom is natural in a relationship. Whether it’s dating or married, this is not a reason for you to end your relationship with your partner. Now, this feeling of boredom is usually attending to or departs from a lack of euphoria and excitement in relationships. It could be because you have spent a long time with your partner and there is also no clear purpose in your relationship.

Why do couples get bored:

  • The first one is together too often without clear goals or new goals.
  • The second lacks transparency with each other.
  • The third is the expectation of the pair is too high and
  • The last one is a lot of demands on your partner without you communicating it.

How do you get rid of boredom with your partner:

  • The first is to find out why boredom is present, sometimes we ourselves don’t realize the cause of boredom.
  • The second communicate with your partner openly.
  • The third one is looking for a solution so how do you both get out of that boredom. You can also do new things that you may not have done before.
  • The fourth one is the most important, you need to do some me time. Don’t forget to do me some time for yourself. Because maybe after me-time we can get excited again so that we can have a healthier relationship.

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