What Are The Most Common Psychological Disorders?

What are the most common psychological disorders? So we categorize people who grow up into early adulthood. In early adulthood, it is the transition age from adolescence to adulthood. Of course, they have bigger roles and responsibilities too. At this age, they have a developmental task. The first is to build relationships, the second is to build a career. So, if you go through these two, it’s impossible without a problem, there must be conflict, there is also a demand for expectations. If they can’t fulfill all of this, they can’t solve the problem effectively, they can be stressed. And prolonged stress can also increase her risk of developing mental disorders or more serious problems.

What Are The Most Common Psychological Disorders

A fairly common problem experienced by adults:

The first one is stress, it’s quite familiar with the word stress. And the result can also not always be bad, it can be set to debilitate so that it can push someone to the maximum and can also drop.

Second. Usually, there are many who experience anxiety. From anxiety that if it’s still normal it’s usually situational but if it’s not okay it’s already getting into a disturbance, usually it can be anytime anywhere

The third is depression. Depression is also experienced by many adults. Usually creates a feeling of helplessness and is no longer willing to try until it is hopeless.

Okay, what to do when we experience mental problems is to immediately seek help from professionals to get the right treatment because our mental problems are as important as our physical problems.

Generalized anxiety disorder

is a condition when a person experiences excessive and persistent anxiety over many things. It is characterized by experiencing excessive anxiety almost every day for a period of at least 6 months.

The feeling of anxiety that dominates everyday life experiences three symptoms including irritability, fatigue, nervousness, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety that has nothing to do with psychological conditions.

Apart from disease and drug use, the cause is not clearly known. However, several factors are thought to play a role, namely overactivity in the brain area and an imbalance of brain chemicals. Heredity history of traumatic medical history and a history of alcohol or substance addiction. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food and increase your sports and hobbies according to your interests. Do not worry if you get the right treatment, the symptoms will improve, so immediately consult psychology or activities to get further treatment.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCB

is a psychological condition experienced by a person. Thus having unreasonable uncontrollable thoughts and fears that cause a person to perform repeated actions. Although not yet known the cause is thought to be related to genetic factors that affect brain development. And is said to be related to past trauma often appears and is characterized by excessive bad thoughts about something. As a result, these conditions create fears that are sometimes unreasonable and lead to repetitive behavior. These symptoms can interfere with all aspects of life such as excessive cleaning. Or repeatedly checking various kinds of things.

If the symptoms of OCB have affected the quality of life, immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist for further treatment.