Types Of Guys Who Stay Single

Types of guys who stay single

Types of guys who stay single. How many single guys are there in the world. Some people decide not to date. They prefer alone including six types of guys.

Boy type this is a guy who is more comfortable alone and loves his solitude.

It’s not that no one wants to, you know, this type of guy himself decides to be single and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Why the hell? do they not afraid called types of guys to avoid

Types of guys who stay single Busy type of guy

This type of busy guy is more comfortable alone than having a girlfriend.

Actually, this type of guy really needs attention, you know, but, they themselves don’t have time for other people.

Let alone thinking about romantic things, this type of busy guy thinks about himself rarely.

Too busy with this and that business, this type of guy doesn’t have time.

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Types of guys who stay single Gamer type of guy

Well, if you’re a gamer type, it’s not that you don’t have time for dating.

But this type of guy prefers to spend his time playing online games rather than approaching girls.

According to them, PDKT and being close to girls will only waste time.

They choose to play games and enjoy their own world.

Leader type

To be a leader-type boyfriend is actually a little difficult.

Usually, the leader type is the dominant type of guy who stays single.

Besides being dominant, they don’t like to be bothered by trivial things.

They decided to be single because they were lazy with this dating affair.

There’s a lot to take care of, making this type of guy not interested in dating.

Perfectionist type of guy

In contrast to the type of leader guy who is lazy with dating matters, this type of perfectionist guy is even more

complicated with dating matters.

Usually, the type of guy who is a perfectionist only wants to date people who are in line with him.

They will choose in such a way that they find the right person to be their girlfriend.

If we are close to this type of perfectionist guy, we have to be patient

The casual type of guy

This type usually they don’t think about things that make them dizzy.

The relaxed type of guy will relax and continue to live his days without thinking about dating.

Sometimes they want to date, but they are too relaxed to move.

So, that’s how it is, choosing to be single instead of pursuing love.

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They stupid type of guy

This type of oblivious boy is very different from the relaxed type of guy.

If the type of guy is relaxed, they still move just a little slower.

But, if this is the type of guy, don’t just glance at him or not.

So it’s not surprising that this type of guy has been single for a long time?

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