Meeting Mother In Law For The First Time Gift

meeting mother in law for the first time gift

Meeting in-laws for the first time

Tips so that you are not nervous when you meeting the mother law first-time gift.

Meeting the prospective in-laws and the families of our prospective spouses will certainly be the first step of a more serious commitment to a more serious level.

Not infrequently we feel anxious about the day of the meeting.

Will the future in-laws like us, or will we be accepted by the family, haunts the mind even days before the meeting.

Here are 10 tips that can minimize your nervousness when you meeting the mother for law first time.

1. Choose the most comfortable clothes

Remember, this is a family gathering, adjust the meeting place with the clothes to wear.

If the meeting will take place in a formal place, choose a beautiful but comfortable dress or batik shirt for men.

One more thing, choose colors that are calm and not too flashy and mix and match clothing motifs appropriately.

2. Eat a little before leaving

You certainly don’t want to meet your lover’s parents with an empty stomach and rumbling when you meet them.

Filling your stomach just before leaving is the right way to nourish your brain so you can act more calmly in front of your future in-laws and family.

3. Avoid certain topics

This is not the time to talk about politics, religion, or other sensitive issues.

Let them get to know you and you get to know them before you decide to talk to them about topics that some people are sensitive to.

4. Ask a question

Focus and show you have an interest in getting to know your partner’s family more deeply by asking them questions.

By doing this, you will learn a lot about the family without tripping over words and looking nervous.

Not to mention people usually like to talk about themselves and that will make the time go by faster.

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5. Watch what you drink

If in a meeting you are offered to drink wine or other alcoholic beverages, you should not drink too much, even though the wine is good.

Try to stay in control and aware.

6. Bringing gifts

There’s no need to bring big and complicated gifts, but try not to show up empty-handed.

You can bring a simple gift in the form of flowers, cake or the couple’s parents’ favorite food.

Either way, bring a simple “welcome” gift to say hello and thank you.

7. Have patience and tolerance

Everyone goes a little crazy in the family, so if one of the relatives gets a little loud, weird, or too drunk, just take a deep breath and realize that in the end, you can go home.

8. Offer to help

Chances are your host or hostess won’t let you do the dishes, but there’s nothing better than a guest offering to help.

Get off the chair and offer to dry or wash the dishes, or perhaps, set the table.

Whatever you can do, at least offer.

9. Keep in touch with your partner

When you are with your partner’s family, it’s a good idea to maintain a loving touch.

This will certainly avoid the awkward feeling of the family he is with you.

10. Learn beforehand

Try to learn about various family members beforehand (Instagram can be your best friend here), and use these facts in conversation.

Of course, make positive facts such as when her sister won a college basketball tournament or when her brother graduated from law school.

People love to brag about themselves and it will flatter them to know that you have taken the time to listen and learn about who your partner’s family is as an individual.

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Recommended Gifts for Mother In-laws first met

Meeting Mother In Law For The First Time Gift

To make a good impression at the beginning and hope for a long relationship. Giving gifts can be an appreciation. During special moments such as first meetings and birthdays, gifts can be a keepsake for the in-laws.

The following are some recommendations for meeting the mother law first-time gift. Anything?

1. Makeup and skincare

Make-up and skincare equipment are items that are widely used by women of all ages. Well, you can give these two items to your in-laws on her special day.

2. Perfume as a Gift for In-laws

Everyone may have their favorite fashion items, one of which is a perfume that is often considered essential. If your in-laws are one of those who like it, try to buy him a perfume with a scent that he likes.

If you don’t have a brand reference that your in-laws use, you can adjust it according to her personality. You can choose a luxurious style of perfume.

3. Cooking Tools

If your in-laws like to cook, just buy them cooking utensils that you don’t have. Surely, he would be very happy to have it, especially if he had wanted it for a long time.

To be durable, make sure you choose a cooking utensil with good ingredients and the meaning of rust. Also, make sure the material is standardized.

4. Other Hobby Equipment

It’s different if you want to gift your in-laws. Try to find out his hobbies and hobbies. If he likes fishing, for example, you can buy him tools or other fishing equipment.

5. A set of cups and plates

For some people, collecting beautiful plates and glasses can be a hobby and a pleasure in itself. If your in-laws are also one of them, try to buy them a set of tableware.

Choose cups and glasses with quality materials with a minimalist but luxurious design. Now, you can get it in many stores.

6. Jewelry as a Gift for In-laws

Giving jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings, or bracelets will be a gift that looks elegant for the in-laws. You can give jewelry from gold, silver, or white gold which is currently being popular.

7. Precious Metals

In addition to jewelry, other valuable items that can be used daily for in-laws are precious metals. Lately, its popularity has increased to touch the highest price as an asset that is considered promising for the future.

Especially if your in-laws like investing in gold, giving a few grams of precious metal can be an option.

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8. Bag

Fashion that cannot be separated from women’s daily life, for example, bags. On many occasions, your in-laws will love to wear it for traveling.

First, find out which bag he has wanted for a long time or his favorite color. Knowing his favorite bag model will be quite helpful when buying.

9. Shoes

In addition to bags, you also gift formal shoes if your in-laws like to travel to formal events. On the other hand, if he likes sports, there is nothing wrong with giving him sports shoes.

However, first, make sure the size is right when worn. Those are some meeting mother-in-law first-time gift recommendations that can be given.

Apart from the meeting mother law first-time gift. Attention in the form of good communication is the most necessary thing to maintain a relationship with the in-laws.

So, have you decided on a suitable gift for your in-laws?

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