Why Separated Couples Don’t Divorce

why separated couples don't divorce

Many separated couples do not want to divorce because they are reluctant to leave their comfort zone, but the following 5 things are usually the reasons someone is reluctant to divorce.
Not all marriages are always harmonious and happy, there are times when some couples have ups and downs that make them decide to divorce. But on the other hand, many couples choose not to divorce, even though their marriage is unhappy.

If it is said that marriage has responsible consequences for those who live it, so does divorce. Presumably, in this case, the consequences that must be borne by a person after divorce are greater than when married.

Also, the fear of leaving your comfort zone can be one of the causes. Many couples do not want the divorce, even though their families are no longer harmonious. To maintain the comfort zone, they have been living in.

The reason behind why separated couples don’t divorce

Referring to the article on the Tiny Step page, here are 5 things that are often the reasons for many couples who don’t want to divorce, even though their marriage can no longer be saved.


The kid is everything to parents, many of whom choose to stay in a marriage just to see their children remain happy.

There have been many cases, where the psychological development of children became chaotic after their parents divorced. They often blame themselves for the divorce that happened to their parents.

Because of this, why separated couples don’t divorce. Many parents choose to sacrifice their feelings so that the child continues to grow up with complete parents.

Also, divorce will have an impact on the process of fighting over custody of father and mother. Some people fear that they will not be able to see their children again if custody falls into the hands of their former partners.

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Too fond of brothers-in-law and in-laws

Sometimes, someone’s affection for their partner’s family makes them willing to endure an unhappy marriage.

Feelings of attachment to in-laws and in-laws make them afraid that they will no longer be able to connect with them if they divorce. So that they persist in marriage, even though household conditions have not improved.


Divorce will make a person have to be financially independent, no longer assisted by a partner. This often makes couples not want to divorce because they feel they cannot afford their own necessities of life. Especially for children’s needs, of course very large.

Besides, divorce also costs money. Like to pay for lawyers and other trifles.

In the end, many couples don’t want a divorce. And still live in one house, with the status of being married, even though they are no longer related. They survive for the benefits that can be obtained in marriage, apart from the love of course.

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Incentives in marriage

With the lifestyle that is carried out during the marriage, it will likely be difficult to survive if the couple decides to divorce. Things like the smiles of the children, the big house, and the money quite often discourage someone from getting a divorce. Because all these things will disappear if he is separated from his partner.

In fact, for the lower middle class. Simple things such as having a house to shelter in, and a breadwinner for children, will make a woman refuse to divorce, even though her own heart is not happy, or even becomes a victim of domestic violence.

Fear of being lonely

For those who have been married for a long time, of course, they will get used to the presence of a partner every day. So, when thinking about divorce, what comes up is the loneliness that will befall her life. Especially if he is no longer young.

Also, divorce does not only separate a husband and wife but also the in-laws and in-laws of the sons-in-law. So that people who have been known and considered as a family will stay away from our lives.

This is what usually keeps someone from getting divorced. For fear of losing the social circle that has surrounded them. They prefer to stay with unloved partners, rather than having to feel lonely because of lost relationships with people they have known.

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The 5 things above are of course only a small part of the many reasons why separated couples don’t divorce, even though their marriage cannot be saved. Did you experience it too?

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