Why Do Men Like Pregnant Women

Why Do Men Like Pregnant Women

Why do men like pregnant women? Men are happy when they find out that their wives are pregnant, that’s only natural. But did you know that happiness also makes them hornier?

Pregnant wife, husband more passionate

Changes in body shape and behavior of pregnant wives often make husbands more passionate.

So Mom, don’t reject your husband if he ‘wants you.

Men like pregnant women sometimes feel helpless

Husbands helplessly reject the wishes of pregnant women who are often bizarre.

Especially if you are not the type of claimant wife in normal circumstances (not pregnant).

Your skin is smoother

Hormonal changes make your skin feel smoother. So don’t be surprised if your husband suddenly touches your body.

No need to use contraceptives

Because the wife is pregnant, the husband is no longer worried about having sex without contraception.

The function of contraception is to prevent pregnancy. So what needs to be prevented if you and he make out while you are already pregnant?

Your ‘new’ curves are more attractive

If you and your husband are both married for the first time, certainly, he has never seen the body shape of a pregnant wife.

Don’t feel insecure because a distended stomach makes you look even sexier in his eyes.

Time to try a new position when pregnant women

Because your stomach is enlarged, it is clear that the conventional intimate position (husband on top) is less comfortable for both of you.

You and he are more compact

Agreement on what sex positions are mutually ‘beneficial’ makes you and your husband more united in working together to achieve satisfaction (and other things, of course).

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He loves to touch you when pregnant women

The husband knows that the pregnant wife is carrying out the responsibility due to the seeds he planted. Of course, he doesn’t mind if you ask him to massage his feet or rub the sore back.

Your husband will love it when his touch makes you feel more relaxed and happy.

You become more sensitive

You cry for no reason when your husband is about to go to the office. Even if he’s annoyed by your emotional instability, he won’t have the heart to scold you.

Your face looks radiant

Your husband is amazed to see your face, which looks more beautiful than usual.

So it should be noted if you ask for ‘rations’ more often than when you are not pregnant.

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Why do men like pregnant women because he managed to become a real man

A new couple got married, then the wife got pregnant shortly thereafter. Your husband must be proud because his sperm is not sterile and has been proven to be “toxic”.

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