Who Decide Whether A Girl Should Work After Marriage And Why

Who decide whether a girl should work after marriage and why

Who decide whether a girl should work after marriage and why. Work is something that everyone should do to make ends meet. Both men and women have the right to work in the same place and position according to their respective expertise.

However, sometimes the problem is that when a woman decides to get married, she sometimes gets banned from working by her husband. But this is not a big problem if indeed the wife chooses not to work. Moreover, we also should not underestimate professionals who choose to resign to become housewives. Even though it is true that women who work directly can bring their own benefits to help their husbands.

So, for that, we will discuss who decide whether a girl should work after marriage and why. Let’s check this out!

Learn something new

Who decide whether a girl should work after marriage and why. Learning something new is certainly something that will be obtained by women when working. How to meet new relationships, maintain good manners, and serve guests well, of course, positive things like this will be brought when you are at home with your husband. That way she will know better how to behave and respect her husband in any case.

More Competitive

By working, we can feel more confident and competitive in showing our skills for a good career ladder.

Can Meet the Facilities Needed by Children

Having their own income makes a woman freer to use her money for her own needs. Imagine when you are married and soon have children, you can spend the money you have without asking your husband’s approval. It’s different if our husband’s hard work results are used impulsively to buy toys for our children, of course, we have to talk about it first, right?

Financial independence

Receiving a living from a husband is a wife’s right. But we will feel freer when spending an item to meet their personal needs. Especially if you have the budget to beautify yourself. I feel more satisfied and don’t feel bad about using money from my husband.

More appreciated by others

Many housewives get the treatment they shouldn’t get because they are considered less productive, even though being a housewife also carries heavy responsibilities, you know. At least with work, other people will think twice about insulting and belittling us.

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