When Do Guys Know They Want to Marry You

When do guys know they want to marry you

When do guys know they want to marry you. Aren’t you tired of waiting for him to propose to you? Moreover, in this day and age, women question the question of marriage first has become a common thing. Maybe he was actually ready too, just thinking too much or embarrassed to say it directly. Before you take a step and express those feelings to him, try to look at some of the signs below to make sure he’s really ready to get married.

1. He is smitten by you

When do guys know they want to marry you. He still maintains a smile on his face even after years of dating. His entire body movements and behavior were still the same. Notice that his eyes cannot be diverted from you. As if wherever you are, you are the only woman in this place. It was a sign that he had made a choice.

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2. He prefers privacy to party on the weekends

If at the beginning of the date he kept wanting to show off you to his friends, now he prefers a date together. He likes to build an intimate atmosphere only with you and himself. For example cooking together, watching movies than sitting in the park. He is very comfortable spending time only with you.

3. He includes you in every decision

It’s not just about where to eat tonight, but so much more. This includes the decision to change jobs, what to bring to extended family events, and where to live. He cares about what you think and tries to build an increasingly serious bond with you. This could be a tactic to lure you to make decisions about marriage.

4. He has a close bond with your family signs guy know they want to marry you

He is willing to hang out with your family even when you are not around. He became so close to your parents that he was even considered his own child. He knows all members of your family to distant relatives.

5. He is consistent in commitments signs guy know they want to marry you

There is a man whose hobby is giving you quizzes to guess. Throughout your relationship with him feels like a mystery that makes you confused. When you don’t feel this, it means that he is not playing with his commitment. There is no reason to play in this relationship. The point is he wants to make sure you feel safe always.

6. He starts discussing money signs guy know they want to marry you

Men are very protective of their personal finances. Although they love to spoil you with gifts, they rarely reveal their financial difficulties. If he can discuss this topic with you, it means that he is fully open.

7.He has plans for the future (and you are in it)

The obvious green light sign is when he reveals what the wedding is about and includes your name on it. Suddenly one night he said, “I can imagine our house later.” That is, he already has a clear picture of the future and is only with you. What are you waiting for

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