What Year Of Marriage Is The Hardest

What year of marriage is the hardest

What year of marriage is the hardest. Many say that the first year of marriage is like a honeymoon a year. In fact, the first year of marriage is the phase where you and your partner adjust to living together. This is not easy, you know. Take note of the 11 challenges that you must pass while undergoing your first year of marriage.

1. Divide household chores fairly

Who will take care of the laundry? Shop for household needs? Who will bring the car or motorbike to the garage?

2. Maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the house

Your partner is crazy about cleanliness while you tend to be more relaxed. Don’t let this be the reason you fight every day, huh.

3. Manage joint finances

You want to buy the bag that you have always been aiming for and your husband wants to change the interior of the car. In fact, you still have to buy kitchen and household equipment that are not cheap in price.

4. Determine boundaries

Anyway, you have to report every hour, you can’t go out with other girls or boys, you have to spend every weekend together, you can’t go home too late. Wow, how come it’s becoming obsessive like this, huh?

5. Adjusting the lifestyle of each

He prefers to relax and eat at home while you are most happy to go out. Or you often wake up in the afternoon while he always wakes up at five in the morning.

6. Uniting two large families

When you get married, not only you and your partner are united, but your family too. Have a lot of patience if you and your in-laws don’t get along or your extended family is diligent in asking when you have a baby.

7. Feeling bored with your partner

You will often spend time together and this can lead to boredom. Do new activities with your partner that you haven’t tried before to overcome.

8. Divide time between husband, work, friends, and family

You don’t want to spend so much time on work and friends that your husband feels neglected.

9. Finding time for yourself

Now that you are living together, you will have a hard time finding privacy. But over time you will get used to it, really.

10. Lose the ego and give in for the sake of your relationship

Many things will make you argue after marriage. Then you and your partner must be encouraged to admit mistakes and forgive each other.

11. Opening yourself up to sexual experiences with your husband

At first, you may feel shy and awkward. In order to share your sexual experiences, it is important to open up and get used to them.

Do not worry. It’s not just you and your partner who have to experience the difficulties of a new life as husband and wife. In fact, these challenges are very natural and can be a provision and a strong foundation for your small family in the future.

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