What Is The Most Important Factor In a Happy Marriage

What is the most important factor in a happy marriage

Research reveals what is the most important factor in a happy marriage is quality sex that is done regularly. However, that doesn’t mean you and your partner have to have sex every day, you know. Let’s take a look at the following reviews to understand the ideal frequency for making love and how to achieve quality intimate relationships.

According to the research results, the right frequency for having intimate relations for husband and wife is once a week. However, doing it as often as you like and spontaneously is just as good for increasing intimacy between you and your partner.

No less important than the frequency of making love is the quality of sex. Apart from achieving orgasm, the most satisfying sex relationships are those based on love and affection.

Attention, touch, and gentle words are part of the expressions of love and affection that you can do to your partner.

Benefits of Sex for Domestic Happiness

The benefits of sex in domestic life cover various aspects, including physical and psychological health.

Routine intercourse can strengthen the bond between husband and wife. Healthy sex can stimulate the body to produce endorphins. This hormone can bring satisfaction, feelings of love, and happiness. The closer your relationship with your partner, the more happiness in the household will be more awake.

Sex and a happy household also provide many health benefits, such as improving mood, reducing stress, helping sleep better, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, and preventing heart disease.

Tips for Achieving Quality Sex

The measurement of sexual satisfaction between men and women is different. Men tend to get sexual satisfaction from sexual intercourse alone. Meanwhile, women tend to need emotional bonds to get satisfaction.

For a more harmonious household, here are some tips you can do to create a quality intimate relationship:

1. Build intimate communication

What is the most important factor in a happy marriage. Even though you are busy, still make time for you and your partner to talk every day. Discuss a fun topic, or it could be discussing plans.

Husband and wife must also be open about each other’s sexual desires. This includes the desire to make love and the fantasy sex that you want. Communicate this in a wise, honest, and open way with your partner.

2. Show love

Giving attention to each other is a form of expression of love. You can also send love sentences or intimate words to your partner via chat, SMS, or it can be through conversations on the phone.

When you meet, express your love through touching, hugging, and affectionate and seductive expressions. When you want to make love, don’t forget to do foreplay until your partner is aroused and ready to make love.

3. Do new things

Making love doesn’t have to be in the bedroom all the time. Try making love in the living room, kitchen, car, or anywhere else possible. Vary sex positions, or try a different sex position than usual if possible.

Using sexual aids or sex toys is also an idea that can be tried to make sex activities more exciting and fun.

4. Quickie sex

When you and your partner are busy with each other’s work or one of you is a workaholic, try to schedule sex. If it is not possible to have sex for a long time, you and your partner can have quickie sex or sex that is done spontaneously and without lingering.

5. Enjoy sex

One of the important steps to achieving a happy marriage is enjoying sex with a partner. Sex that is forced or not enjoyed can make it difficult for you or your partner to orgasm. To prevent this, try to create an intimate relationship with your partner, and relax before sex when you are under stress.

Conclusion What is the most important factor in a happy marriage

What is the most important factor in a happy marriage, with sexual intercourse, intimacy and the quality of the relationship between you and your partner can improve. Especially if it is done in a quality way and according to the portion. This, of course, can have a positive effect on your household.

If you and your partner have problems in the household related to sex. Don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist for marriage counseling.

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