Fiance Meaning, Why Is Called Fiance and What Does Mean When Your Fiance

What does the fiance mean?

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Fiance or engaged is to agree (usually officially announced or declared in front of a crowd) will become husband and wife. In other words, fiance or being engaged is a process of committing a beloved man and woman, usually marked by exchanging rings as a sign of the engagement. someone who has been involving in the fiance as if they were in a knot. So that both partners cannot choose or accept another person at will, as long as the bond has not been broken or released by either party or based on the agreement of both.

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For couples who are already in serious relationships. They are usually faced with a tradition called a fiance or proposal. You know, aren’t these two events different? Many Indonesians today think that a fiance is the same as a proposal, and vice versa. Some say or make decorations for “happy engagement day” without knowing that the two may have different meanings and processions.

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In language, both have meanings that sound similar but are not the same. Being engaged or being engaged is an agreement to be husband and wife, which is usually done in front of a crowd. Meanwhile, applying or applying is asking or proposing to someone to become his bride. Both fiance and proposal, both pin rings on the woman’s ring finger, sometimes also on the fingers of the bride and groom. Because of this similarity, many think that fiance and proposal are the same things.

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What does it mean when your fiance?

Some people think that the two are different and their differences vary. Some say that the bond or promise of the engagement is not as strong as the proposal, so many suggest skipping the fiance and applying right away. Because in an application, there are traditional ceremonies that must obey. Meaningful deliveries that need to be carried. While fiancé is only the momentum of pinning a ring on the couple’s left ring finger in front of the parents of both parties. This engagement considers a change in relationship status from dating to being more serious. But after this fiance the application process is necessary.

some others think otherwise. In the Pre-wedding period, the two partners first carry out the application process. Which means a meeting of the parents of both parties. Where at this moment, the male parents will ask about the readiness of women and prospective in-laws. After carrying out the application process and reaching an agreement. Then the engagement process carries out. The course of the event was shroud in the traditions of an area, the delivery of delivery, and the installation of rings.

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The expression states. That “A male fiancé has half the obligations of his future wife”, of course, is a statement and attitude that has no basis at all. In other words; that an engaged person has neither the obligation. Nor the right to provide and earn a living, both physical (clothing, food, and shelter) and mental support. However, if what means is an obligation to maintain a mutual promise or agreement. Then it is the obligation of everyone. Who enters into an agreement or cooperative relationship as long as it does not conflict with religious norms and laws.

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