What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry

What do guys look for in a woman they want to marry

What do guys look for in a woman they want to marry. Been going out for a long time but never getting married too? Relax, you can immediately get the application with the following tips. Indeed, not all relationships have to end in marriage, but if you have thought about it in that direction why not hurry it up?

1. Love yourself first

Other people will not love you sincerely until you love yourself first. Those who can love themselves will always look more attractive than those who never take care of themselves. Clean up, love yourself both physically and psychologically.

2. Confident and convincing

Without self-confidence, you will not be able to convince other people. So before you ask her to get married, you must first cultivate your confidence that you are worthy and capable of getting married.

3. Make sure your date is fun

If dating is no longer fun, how about you get married later? He will definitely doubt that you will be able to make each other happy when you get married. Then create a new atmosphere that can make your date more meaningful.

4. Find out where your role is

Have you had a role in this relationship? Or is it only one of you who dominates? You have to think about it carefully because marriage is not just about loving each other but more about how you will spend the rest of your life together happily.

5. Communicate in a kind way

Adjust your invitation with his attitude, if he’s someone who likes to get to the point then you shouldn’t be too much ado. Make requests with firmness and clear reasons. On the other hand, if your guy doesn’t really like aggressive girls you can come up with a code.

6. Keep appearing natural

Don’t just because you want him to marry you and then you appear too much, guys will usually feel and even discourage him from asking you to marry. So keep appearing as is as usual. This is indeed a special moment but you still can’t go overboard.

7. Show your sexiness

Sexy does not have to accentuate your limbs. There are many things that guys think of as something sexy about women. For example, his intelligence, activeness, tenderness, and many other things.

8. Appreciate his goodwill and help

Being an independent woman is important, but don’t underestimate men’s abilities. They are also human beings who want to be appreciated. Keep asking for help from time to time even though you can actually do it yourself. Then he will feel needed and happy to be a useful person for you.

9. You must be romantic too

The ones who have to be romantic are not only men, you know. You also have to behave the same because they also want the same attention as women. You don’t always wait for it, pick up the ball every now and then by giving it a romantic surprise.

What do guys look for in a woman they want to marry. Men are afraid to get married because they don’t want to lose the best things in life. To assure him that you will still give him happiness. Too much when loving him will only bother him. Also, remember that men often go out on dates without the goal of ending it in the marriage bond. So make sure first

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