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What is a Greek wedding like?

greek wedding
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Although marriage in the ancient greek wedding was basically about living together. There were small ceremonies held over several days as a sign of respect that a girl’s full rights had changed hands to her husband.

According to angelfire.com, the girls’ garden will first be bathed by their sisters. Then, they are also required to wear white dresses because white is considered the most suitable color to worn to commemorate religious ceremonies.

Besides, they are also required to wear a kind of crown and bring pomegranates or any fruit with lots of seeds. Because many seeds are a symbol of human and natural fertility.

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A Greek wedding is about sacrifice and the father of the bride will offer offerings in the form of toys for his young daughter. All of which intend for Dewi Artemis. The next day is a feast of food for the entire family of the bride and groom.

The bridegroom and bride will then be escorted or escorted to the groom’s house. The bride and groom and the family will then prostrate at the bridegroom’s door as a sign. That the house has also become a home for the bride.

A newly married bride will assume full status in the household after giving birth to her first child. Women in ancient Greece were not highly valued. Had a certain amount of power or influence until they finally gave birth to their first child.

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A Greek State-Inspired Marriage


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