Reasons Why Early Marriage Should Not Be Encouraged

reasons why early marriage should not be encouraged

The reasons why early marriage should not be encouraged. Early marriage is a marriage that is done before the bride and groom turn 18 years of age. Apart from having risks to women’s health, early marriage also triggers sexual violence and human rights violations.

This is contrary to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1 of 1974 article 6. Where even though the man is allowed to marry at the age of 19 years, the woman is allowed to marry at the age of 16 years. A sufficient age is said to be early for marriage, sexual relationships, pregnancy, and child care.

Reasons why early marriage should not be encouraged

One of the reasons for early marriage is to avoid slander. For example, getting pregnant outside of marriage or avoiding sexual violence. Early marriage can also lead to other things. The following are reasons why early marriage should not occur.

The risk of sexual disease increases.

In a marriage, it is almost impossible without sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, sexual relations that are carried out by someone under the age of 18 will tend to be more at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. This is because his knowledge about safe and healthy sex is still minimal.

The risk of sexual violence increases.

Studies show that compared to women who were married in adulthood, women who were married at the age below 18 were more likely to experience violence from their partners. Because at this age, coupled with a lack of knowledge, a woman at a young age will find it more difficult and helpless to refuse sex.

The risk of pregnancy increases.

Pregnancy at an early age is not easy and tends to be riskier. The series of risks that may occur are not kidding and can be dangerous for both the mother and the fetus. In the fetus, the risks that may occur are low birth weight and the child is born prematurely. Meanwhile, the mother will be at risk of experiencing anemia, a condition in which the mother will feel tired and weak easily. This is what will affect the condition of fetal development.

Another risk that is no less dangerous is the problem of preeclampsia. A condition in which the mother has increased protein in the urine and has high blood pressure. Women who suffer from preeclampsia will experience swollen feet or hands. And if you have clamps, it will endanger the fetus and can lead to death.

Not only in terms of health, but early marriage can also be said to take away the rights of adolescent girls themselves. Where at that time it should be filled with playing and learning to achieve a better future. However, it is exchanged for the burden of marriage and child care. Some of those who undergo early marriages tend to drop out of school because they inevitably have to fulfill their responsibilities after marriage.

Marriage is not as simple as one might imagine. It needs maturity in both psychology and physicality. That’s the reasons why early marriage should not be encouraged. In addition to the health risks listed above, the psychological impact that is felt can also be a burden to the woman.

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