Reasons For Saying No To Teenage Marriage

Reasons for saying no to teenage marriage

Reasons for saying no to teenage marriage. The social stigma that a woman must marry at a certain age has been around since time immemorial. That woman should get married as soon as possible, have children, take care of the household and do housework, has slowly grown into an understanding that is embraced by the wider community, both men and women themselves.

The artificial obligation to marry seems to haunt women whose age has turned 25. Those who manage to get married before that age will be considered “successful”, regardless of the meaning of success. On the other hand, if you have crossed the sacred line, one by one the family members begin to give code questions which in the end have the same core: When will you marry?

Against the current flow of society in general, here are 5 reasons for saying no to teenage marriage.

1. There are still many dreams that need to be fulfilled

Those of you who are over 21 years of age must have started to understand that it turns out that life is not just a game. There are so many responsibilities that suddenly arise without you ever thinking about them. Personal living expenses, family expenses to the cost of social life are things that you need to bear and deal with.

Many of the dreams that you thought would come true after you were an adult have not yet come true. Meanwhile, marriage means that you will share your life, dreams, and dreams with others. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your dream just to comply with society’s stigma about young marriage.

Your dream of starting a career, opening a business, traveling around the world with your own income doesn’t have to be put aside for the sake of a marriage that you don’t fully believe in. Also remember, that married life is not about what they say, but about what you really feel.

2. Marriage is not a question of age, but readiness

Just as the presumption of age does not determine maturity, neither does age determine readiness for marriage. Being considered an adult doesn’t necessarily make you a person who is immediately ready to get married. Readiness for marriage is built on many things, and age should not be the sole measure.

Those of you who are over 25 years of age will probably feel when hanging out with a large family and then a question arises from your curious aunts, “So when will the candidate be recognized?” And you will think, “Never mind being recognized, the form doesn’t exist yet.”

Relax, you’re not wrong just because you haven’t introduced a partner at that critical age. No one can guarantee at what age you will be ready, including yourself. That readiness comes later when you feel that you have achieved most of the things you dream of in life.

There is nothing wrong with the readiness for marriage that may arise after you feel successful. You don’t owe anyone an explanation of this.

3. Seeking Your Own Happiness Is Necessary

All you have to know is that your happiness doesn’t come from anyone but yourself. Don’t think that you will be happy only after you have a partner and get married. If you are unhappy and unsatisfied with your own existence, what makes you sure that you will be happy when you are with other people? Remember, don’t invest our dreams and hopes in others until we are happy and satisfied with ourselves.

Finding your own happiness takes time and you don’t have to feel rushed.

4. Teenage Marriage Not Financially Mature

Indeed, we don’t have to be rich first to get married, but don’t forget that one of the most common causes of divorce is financial problems. There’s nothing wrong with building a more stable financial life first before deciding to get married. Reception fees, building rent, catering, invitations, dresses, living expenses after marriage, costs for children, education, all must be carefully thought out.

Don’t decide to get married and think that financial problems will take care of themselves. Remember to be a realistic person, that life is not only about money, but it cannot be denied that this life needs a lot of money.

5. Responsibility Is Not Just Nonsense

Dedication to the home, spouse, children, is not something to play with that can be compromised. You have to realize the reasons for saying no to teenage marriage. Many people who are not really ready to get married and take responsibility, end up feeling sorry for getting married young because they still need a personal spot that is not ready to be shared with other people.

After marriage, the responsibilities that you must fulfill later are lifelong. You know there’s no turning back point.

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