What Does It Mean When It Rains on Your Wedding Day

rains on your wedding day
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Rain on Wedding Day – What Sign?

When you say the sacred promise of marriage. What does it mean when it rains on your wedding day. Then you become the happiest woman in the world. After waiting for so long, you can finally formally unite with the man you love under the sacred bond of marriage. Every woman looks forward to this moment happening.

However, in marriage as in other things, some myths follow. Myths like this sometimes make sense and can be proven scientifically. Even so, many myths are only based on the words of other people or have been believed from generation to generation, so you are also required to believe them too.

Believing in myths for which you are not to blame, but some things just cannot control to happen. Weather is one example. After all, you are not a god who can control the weather or choose what weather will happen on your wedding day.

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Many people fuss about this weather because many people believe that it is a bad sign if the rains on your wedding day. These people believe that the rain that fell, as quoted from the voices.Yahoo.Com page, is a sign of the bride’s tears that will spill during the wedding period. Can you believe that, ladies?

Even if you don’t believe it, this myth might make you anxious. To overcome this, you may be able to change the myth in your mind. Just think that the rain that falls on your wedding day is a sign that you will get as much blessing as the rainwater that falls.

When Your Marriage Is Accompanied By Rain

when your marriage is accompanied by rain
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Now it is the end of the month, but if we pay attention to it the rain is still falling. It seems that the rainy season is no longer clear when the period will end. Last week I just attended my husband’s relative’s wedding at one of the hotels. The event itself is held with an outdoor concept locate near the garden and swimming pool. On Friday, one day before the wedding day, it rained heavily. Likewise on Sundays, one afterward. I muttered that this couple was very lucky because it didn’t rain on their wedding day.

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But not all brides are as lucky as they are, brides. There were also a few couples who had this rainy day. What if you are one of these couples? Are you arguably unlucky? Of course not! There is always a blessing in disguise. There are at least four lessons that you can learn when it rains at your wedding.

A sign of sustenance

believe that the rain on big days is a sign of a lot of sustenance. Especially on the wedding day where we will start a new chapter in our life. Hopefully, with the coming of the rain, our married life will always bless with an abundance of blessings like the pouring rain.

Festive atmosphere

attending a wedding with formal attire, full makeup, and sometimes bringing the children when it rains must be very troublesome. However, when you are in the aisle and see the scene where the guests are struggling through the rain to come to your wedding, it will definitely be a sweet memory for both of you. You come to know you value by your relatives, relatives, and friends. The weather was just not friendly, they were willing to try to attend. The sound of rain falling and people who are busy running from outside to inside using umbrellas will add to the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

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Romantic atmosphere

If you have ever read one of the articles published in the bride dept, namely dika and Martha’s wedding which was held at court dharmawangsa hotel. At that time, Martha revealed that the light rain that fell on her wedding day, which was carried out with an outdoor concept, became a highlight because it added to the romantic atmosphere at that time. Martha and dika deliberately did not use umbrellas and instead enjoyed the light rain while accompanied by an entertaining band that sang a song for both of them.

The photos are getting better when rains on your wedding day

Apparently, taking photos under the light rain will beautify our photos, brides! So don’t waste the arrival of the rain on your wedding day. When the event is over, ask the photographer to hold a photo session under the rain to remember you later.

The thing to remember for brides-to-be is don’t be too easy to be disappointed or sad when rains on your wedding day happen beyond your control. We can’t control the rain falling. The key is to surrender and pray. Always prepare plan b when you really want to have a wedding with an outdoor concept, just in case it rains too hard.

Don’t forget to always take lessons from every event on our wedding day, brides.

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