Meaning of Seeing Your Own Marriage in Dream

meaning of seeing your own marriage in dream

The meaning of seeing your own marriage in a dream. It has been a long time since humans believed that dreams are just a flower of sleep. However, not a few people also think that dreams are a sign of something that will happen in someone’s life.

No exception, for those of you who have dreamed of marriage, you must be curious about what the dream of marriage means, good or bad?

Quoting the Your Chinese Astrology page, dreams about marriage have many meanings depending on the background of your dream.

Here are some spiritual meanings of getting married in a dream :

  • Hope a happy married life
  • Relates to the development of life where you will start a new life
  • Reflections on the responsibilities you carry in life
  • Represents control and loss of freedom in your life
  • An indication of pressure on those of you who are preparing for a party
  • Your current married life is not as expected, you feel dissatisfied with your current husband or wife
  • Worse, dreams can be alarms of health conditions or wedding dreams meaning death

Seeing marriage in a dream is good or bad

Dream of Married Even though Not Married

The meaning of seeing your own marriage in a dream. In fact, the dream of being married is a flower sleep that is often experienced by many people, including those of you who are not married. In fact, it has to do with commitment.

Laura Loewenberg, a dream analyst, explained that marriage involves two people who will commit to death. In other words, dreaming of getting married signifies some real commitments in life that you have to carry out.

The meaning of the dream of being married to someone you don’t like

You don’t need to meet, you must be lazy to see people you don’t like either in dreams or in the real world. Now, what if a dream like this comes: marrying someone you have hated for a long time?

This is closely related to a certain job or business with the person you dream of. Without realizing it, there are many things that we actually admire about this figure for several reasons.

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Already have a husband but dream of getting married to someone else

Even though you are married, but how come you dream of other people? This aspect of the dream describes your relationship with your partner in trouble, and you feel unhappy about the problem.

Married with a former lover

Various factors make you finally have to part with him who has accompanied your life. So, what if you dream of marrying your ex?

It doesn’t mean you still have feelings for him. This indicates that you have understood the meaning of life and have learned a lot from past mistakes.

The Meaning of Dreams Married With Friends

Apart from family, friends are very reliable parties in your life. Having friends gives you a place to share your grievances that are impossible to talk about with your extended family.

In fact, most people have the belief that having a special relationship with friends will damage friendly relationships.

Then, what does it mean to dream of being married to your own best friend? It seems that dreams like this are a signal that you have special feelings for your friends, but are embarrassed to express them.

The Meaning of Dreams Married with a Lover

Suddenly a friend told me that he dreamed of marrying his girlfriend? This turns out to be a sign that he and his lover should immediately discuss their relationship to a more serious level.

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Dreams ruin a wedding party

The wedding party is a symbol of the couple ready to wade through the bittersweetness of life together. The bride and groom would want her wedding party to go perfectly, without any flaws let alone chaos

What if you dream that you are ruining your wedding? Even if it’s just a dream, it will still be surprising. This dream is related to problems between you and other people, such as close friends, coworkers, and family.

Dream of wearing a wedding dress

Mother, have you ever dreamed of wearing a wedding dress? This means that you are very much ready to live the commitment and the intrigue therein.

Dream of Attending Someone Else’s Wedding

Subconsciously, this one dream reminds us to always take an active role to achieve what we dream. The dream of coming to someone else’s wedding can also have another meaning.

This dream indicates that luck will approach your family regarding work. Or indicates that you will get success in the world of work.

To dream of walking in someone’s wedding reception is also a positive signal of a bright career and abundant prosperity.

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The Meaning of Dreams Coming Late to Your Own Marriage

Although it is unlikely that this will happen in the real world, dreams of being late in attending a wedding ceremony have a negative meaning. This dream is a sign that you will lose money or something valuable shortly.

It also represents your inability to multitask or do several things at once.


Those are the various meaning of seeing your own marriage in the dream. Have you ever had the dream above in your sleep?

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