Marriage Financial Planning Worksheet

Marriage financial planning worksheet

Marriage financial planning worksheet. Marriage friends must have known that February is synonymous with the month of love. What are you doing with your partner to celebrate Valentine? Give gifts? Chocolate? Flower? Romantic dinner? Or traveling to your favorite place? Love is in the air.

Have you and your partner have thought about continuing the relationship to the level of marriage? For those of you who have entered the age of two and have a partner, maybe you have thought about this or it has occurred to you. The period of marriage looks very beautiful when everything is spent with the beloved partner.

But … there is one thing that needs to be discussed so that your marriage and your partner continue to run happily as you dreamed at when you tied the knot. You have to talk about finances. For most people/couples this is a sensitive and personal topic, but this topic is very important to discuss so that domestic life can run smoothly.

Surely you have often heard about various problems that arise because of “money”? It’s better to prevent the things we don’t won’t happen. So, here are some tips for marriage financial planning worksheets that you can do if you want to get married.

Long term investing

Marriage financial planning worksheets more than just ordinary savings. We can think longer by buying mutual funds or stocks. After buying, never look at it again, just pretend the money doesn’t exist. Don’t think of this as savings that can be taken shortly to fulfill a lifestyle such as buying a cellphone or even clothes.

Investments are really prepared to meet long-term needs.

Suppress lifestyle

The disease of single youth is a high standard of life and tends to go along with it. Like hanging out in cafes, buying the latest model cellphones, having branded clothes, and others even though you don’t have savings or even just a mediocre salary.

From now on try to stop buying tertiary goods. It is time for us to stop crediting a lot of things to look good in front of others and prioritize frugal living for a better future.

Have a financial milestone

Having such savings at such an age, being able to own this asset at such an age, and other milestones we must have before marriage. Because sometimes after marriage, we can no longer make financial milestones because we already need so many.

So don’t just think about not getting married and then take it easy on spending money on this and that, because life is still very long, we need to prepare everything from now on.

Be Transparent and Honest with Your Partner

This is the main key secret of marriage success, when a couple decides to get married, both of them have agreed to always be transparent in all matters, including financial matters. Tell the truth about each other’s financial condition, income, expenses, and debt.

If you have debt, it is better to solve it personally first so as not to burden your partner and trigger problems in the future. Don’t hesitate to ask each other and discuss if you feel that there is still something that needs to be explained because you will both live this household life.

Setting Common Goals

Every human being certainly has different habits and traits, as well as friends and partners. No matter how much you feel, click and match, but more or less, you definitely have a difference in your attitude to money, how to use and manage that money.

That’s why it’s important to communicate transparently at the start. After knowing each other’s habits, you can begin to determine common goals that you want to achieve after getting married, for example, want to have a house in which area, how many children, where do you want to go to school, and much more.

When you have determined your goals, you can start preparing a budget as soon as possible and don’t delay it.

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Division of Financial Duties

After marriage or before marriage, you and your spouse should talk about family cash arrangements, starting from who is responsible for managing or recording cash flows, whether to make joint savings, and other things.

Making a budget for household needs is important so that finances are more controlled. You can use the marriage financial planning worksheet application to help record your budget and cash in and out.

You can download the application on the Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iPhone users. Its use is very easy and you can take it anywhere so you can immediately record expenses or income right away.

marriage financial planing worksheet

couples financial planing worksheet

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is also often called an asset separation agreement. This agreement, the assets, and debts obtained during the marriage period belong to each other. If there is no prenuptial agreement, the assets and debts acquired during the marriage period are joint property.

The prenuptial agreement is often underestimated and even seen as lopsided. Make a prenuptial agreement with your partner if deemed necessary because this prenuptial agreement can protect the rights of both parties if unwanted things happen during the marriage period.

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Anticipate Risk

When we are still single, we have been encouraged to have protection/insurance for ourselves, especially after marriage. Life insurance is suitable for friends who already have financial risks (dependents) such as children and retired parents. Health insurance for couples is no less important, we don’t want the money that we have collected so far should suddenly disappear to be used for medical expenses. This protection is needed so that we are always ready when unwanted things happen.

Planning a Wedding Party

Marriage financial planning worksheet. In this era of Instagram, every couple not only wants to carry out a memorable wedding party. Also, compete to make their wedding party instagrammable. Are you one of them, buddy?

This instagrammable wedding party usually requires a lot of money. For this reason, it is important to prepare these funds well in advance even when you are still alone. Start preparing a marriage fund so that when the candidate is available the funds will also be available. So established singles are more attractive.

You can also do unusual things by preparing a wedding as creatively as possible with your budget.

Remember, direct the wedding as best you can and don’t burden you and your partner and even your family because getting married is for happiness and real-life starts only after the wedding is over.

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