Wedding Dates In 2021 And All The Must Know Lucky Dates

Are there any wedding dates in 2021?


What's the best day to get married in 2022?

It doesn’t feel like we have entered the year 2021. You could say, almost everyone has high hopes for this new year. Especially for those who want to get wedding dates in 2021.

The spread of the coronavirus in 2020 has changed many plans. Due to a virus that has no cure, many couples have canceled their marriages because of fears of covid-19 transmission when they gather.

The government has warned that weddings should not be held during the pandemic. Even if it can be held, it must apply strict health protocols, and with a limited number of family attendances and guests.

Many couples have finally chosen to postpone it until the pandemic ends. Now, talking about 2021, it is not certain that the pandemic period has ended.

It’s just that, we can breathe freely and have high hopes with the covid-19 vaccination by the government.

And do you know that in 2021 there are at least 10 beautiful dates that you can use to hold a wedding? These dates are easy to remember, so they are perfect for holding your wedding day.

wedding dates in 2021
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Here are 10 beautiful wedding dates in 2021 that you can use as a reference.

Friday (01/01/2021)

To coincide with the new year’s celebration, this date is perfect for those of you who are dying to get married and are still looking for a beautiful date this year but the beautiful date of 2019 is over. So, January 1, 2021, could be your choice, but don’t forget to stick to strict health protocols; wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance and limit the number of guests.

Monday (11/01/2021)

This date does not fall on the weekend. But, this date is quite pretty and easy to remember. And for this date, there is a song from Gigi with the title according to that date and month (January 11) which you can make into a “memorable song”.

Thursday (21/01/2021)

It’s still January, but this date doesn’t fall on the weekend either. It’s just that if you write this on 21-01-2021 on your wedding invitation, it’s very beautiful, right? Later you can easily remember this beautiful date as your wedding day and your partner.

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Wedding dates on Tuesday (02/02/2021)

February is a month full of love, there are also many beautiful dates like this one.

Friday (12/02/2021)

Well, this beautiful date is certain to be the most favorite in 2021. When you flip it over or seen it from a mirror, the number arrangement does not change “12022021”. Although it falls on Friday, this is a holiday because it coincides with the Chinese new year.

Wedding dates In 2021 on Sunday (21/02/2021)

Or you can also choose the 52nd day in 2021, guys. February 21st still has the number 2 element, so it will be easy to remember as your wedding day.

Monday (22/02/2021)

There is a final option that can be chosen if you want to get married on a beautiful date in February. 22-02-2021 is a unique combination for getting married.

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Thursday (21/10/2021)

Skip to October, 21-10-2021 seems cool to make it a moment for your special day. And hopefully, on this date, the corona pandemic is no longer a worry.

Sunday (12/12/2021)

12-12-2021 is another option for those of you who want to get married before the turn of the year. This pretty date also coincides with the national online shopping day (harbors).

Especially for those who want to get married at the end of the year, there are a few tips for you. We recommend that you book a hotel for a stay or honeymoon well in advance before the price rises.

Wedding dates In 2021 on tuesday (21/12/2021)

At the end of 2021, there are still beautiful dates that can be used to have a wedding, namely 21-12-2021. This date can be the last alternative if you want to get married in December.

Those are the 10 beautiful wedding dates In 2021. Apart from beautiful dates, there are several other things to consider such as the weather on the date you choose, or you may also discuss with the people closest to you who still adhere to traditional calculations.

However, most importantly, if you will marry, don’t forget to always apply health protocols guys!

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