Banquet Event Order Definition And How To Prepare It

banquet event order

Understanding banquet event order

Banquet event order in the world of hospitality can be used in an operational activity from a special activity that has been planned. So a banquet is an effort from the food and beverage department for a special meal that has been planned.

According to the library of tourism, the banquet is a banquet held in a hotel at the request of the customer, usually, the type of menu served is certain and the number of guests who will come is quite a lot. (Indonesia and regional Jakarta language and literature development project, 1997/1980)

The banquet event order is “A business which is a purpose in serving special banquets at an event or party, using a variety of service systems according to guest requests and usually, the venue for the meeting is a restaurant, on open floors and in a luxury restaurant”. Lillcrap, 1978).

The banquet event order is “A group of people who are in a special place, outside of restaurant activities for a celebration which is followed by eating and drinking together, and above in a room that resembles a certain shape” (Gusti Putu Putra Arnawa, 1995)

The banquet event order is “A large hotel room that can be rented out for meeting parties and others” (Agustinus, 1995)

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When viewed from the corner of the room that is used for a party at the hotel

  1. The banquet hall is a room that can be used for the implementation of a party where events and eating and drinking are carried out in a room
  2. A conference/meeting room is a room that can be used for the implementation of a party/meeting/conference where eating and drinking is done in a room

Position at the banquet

  • Banquet manager
  • Secretary
  • Banqueting headwaiter
  • Bar (distance barman)
  • The banquetting head wine waiter
  • Waiter

Types of parties based on their goals

  • Social events
  • Business event
  • Holiday event
  • Another event

In the implementation of the types of parties mention. It will depend on the request of the guest/agreement between the hotel and the organizer. There are several parties, including:

  • Cocktail party
  • Seating party
  • Barbeque party
  • Gala dinner party

The form prepared for the banquet

  • Requisition form
  • Master bill
  • Extra bill
  • Cash receipt
  • Banquet checklist
  • Banquet event order/banquet memorandum

Completeness of seminar room

  • General equipment
  • Reviewing stand
  • Trainer table
  • Lcd table
  • Electricity plug
  • Room ventilation
  • Acoustic equipment
  • Microphone
  • Microphone stand
  • Tape deck
  • Cd player
  • Visualization equipment
  • Flipchart
  • Magnet board
  • White screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Technical visualization equipment
  • Video
  • Monitor
  • Overhead projector
  • Lcd

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Banquet event order preparation

A banquet event order is the most luxurious form of presentation of a function. Apart from the use of room and hotel personnel, in its implementation, it is necessary to keep in mind the use of hotel inventory. That a banquet will not interfere with the smooth running of the routines carried out at a hotel/restaurant. It is necessary to provide additional inventory, such as table cloths, plates, cups, other tableware, etc.

Special rooms are also needed a small kitchen, clothes storage, toilets, change for musicians, etc. And all officers must understand what to prepare, which includes:

  1. Preparation of all necessary inventory in cooperation with the stewarding department (in the supply of food utensils, gels, porcelain and silver utensils, etc.
  2. Technical requirement installation arrangements
  3. Table setting
  4. Moletton arrangement and tablecloth
  5. Chair arrangement
  6. Arrangement of storage of equipment for serving etc.
  7. Installation of tableware and napkins on the table
  8. Installation of table decorations
  9. Menu drop-down
  10. Re-control of overall room arrangement, tables, and engineering installations

While the preparations that must-have in the preparation of a meal include:

  1. Prepare yourself
  2. Body health
  3. The work uniform is clean and tidy
  4. On-time
  5. Preparation of eating and drinking utensils
  6. Prepare the dinner equipment according to the menu
  7. The type of service used
  8. Type of table set up
  9. Types and numbers of tables and chairs
  10. Room preparation
  11. Type of activity
  12. The number of guests
  13. Types of tables and chairs
  14. Number and shape of buffet tables
  15. Skirting types and colors
  16. Types and colors of table cloth and napkin
  17. Table setting types, etc.

Implementation of banquets

  1. Preparation for a coffee break
  2. Availability of the necessary conference tools
  3. Time for the meal
  4. Do you need a translator or not
  5. Secretariat room

Setting up the table setup

Banquet service is a formal service for guests who organize parties with the same purpose. The list of food and the price is usually in the form of a fixed price and drinks usually in a package. The thing to remember for guests is that all guests must serve, including clearing up. Because in the banquet service’s the menu has been determining, therefore the suitable setup table to use is the full set up / elaborate setup, which is complete set up starting from appetizer equipment to dessert as well as wine and champagne.

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Preparing the buffet table

During the event, food and beverage services can serve various types of services besides “American service, french service, platter service, which can also be served as buffet service.” therefore a buffet table must prepare in the room. Arranging the buffet table, it influences by several factors, namely:

  • The number of guests
  • Food and beverage prices
  • Serving time
  • Number of service flows
  • Amount of food served
  • Number, size, and shape of table available
  • The color of the table cloth desired by tam

Food and Beverage Service Styles by Leading Hotelier

As for the decoration that is tailored to the event, in this buffet presentation many aspects affect the overall impression of the guest, for example:

  • Nature and the environment in which the buffet is held.
  • Lighting that illuminates the buffet and food tables.
  • Use of statues on buffet tables such as ice sculptures, butter statues, or other statues.
  • The color of the table cover.

The time it takes for a guest to collect food.

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Preparing a buffet table for a coffee break

Coffee breaks are usually prepared at conferences or seminars as well as meetings during breaks, therefore a special table is needed to serve coffee or tea drinks as well as a variety of snacks both indoors and outside the meeting room, and what needs to be paid attention to are:

  • The number of guests who attended the seminar
  • Coffee break prices
  • Time to serve coffee break
  • Number of snacks and drinks that must be served
  • Number, size, and shape of table available
  • Table cloth color desired by guests

Buffet table type

  • Shape line buffet table
  • Scramble buffet table

Procedure for serving food and beverages at the banquet with a set menu

To serve food and drinks with a menu type table d ‘hotel menu/pix price, you can use the type of service depending on the agreement with the organizer. Banquet service types will include:
Plate service for an appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert
Platter service for the main course and dessert (some special dishes)
Gueridon service: main course and dessert (some special dishes) Some things to remember in this ministry are :

  • Before guests arrive, ice water and bread must be served.
  • All staff must be ready on time and guests will be greeted by a greeter/head waiter.
  • The guest will take a seat according to the seat that has been determined which is assisted by a waiter/ss who has a role.
  • The party will start after the host gives a signal to start, sometimes the host will speak first.
  • Drinks are served when the party starts and drinks are served at the beginning of the main table and followed by the next table.
  • The first meal will be served after the head waiter signals and all waiters must be ready according to the table number which is their responsibility.
  • To serve food must be finished at the same time and start from the main table.
  • Do it for the next meal.

Some of the things that this service carries out include:

  • Welcoming guests and helping to store warm clothes
  • Presenting aperitif
  • Preparing guest seats
  • Light a candle
  • Take guests to their seats
  • Prepare the bread and butter plates
  • Prepare white wine and mineral water
  • Tidy up the apeitive glass
  • Serves cold appetizers
  • Serving bread and butter
  • Serves white wine and mineral water
  • Tidying up the appetizer plates
  • Serves the soup
  • Tidying up the soup bowl
  • Prepare red whine
  • Cleaned glass white wine
  • Serving red wine
  • Lifting unused tableware
  • Prepare the main dish
  • Serves red whine
  • Serving the main meal with sauce and side dishes
  • Tidying up dinner plates
  • Preparing or tidying up the table and tools for the next meal
  • Prepare desserts
  • Serves dessert
  • Cleaning up the dessert plate
  • Serves coffee
  • Clean the coffee serving utensils
  • Tidy up napkin
  • Until guests leave the table, always replace the ashtray

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Procedure for serving food and beverages at a banquet event order

The presentation of the buffet system is a convenience for officers and guests who enjoy a meal, this system is carried out in a short time with a small amount of energy but a large number of guests.

  1. Open buffet system, where guests can serve their pick-up or be served by the waiter and the dishes are served proportionally
  2. Closed buffet system, which is based on the request of the host, the number of guests is limited and adjusted according to the agreement

Preparation for serving buffet

What is done, pay attention to the division of the room based on the number of guests, for example, for a room with several guests above 100 pack, several buffet tables will be needed, the arrangement of which is very dependent on the agreement between the hotel and the organizer. Likewise, to prepare a dining table as well as a table set up, usually using a standard set up or elaborate set up similar to that applied in a restaurant.

In preparing a buffet table, officers must pay attention to the following:

  • The size of the table and the shape and fabric used must be adjusted to the event and the number of guests.
  • Food must be arranged attractively according to its type and provided a plate as a place for food.
  • Each type of food is provided with tools to collect it.
  • A heating device such as Richard / shaving dish must be provided for food that has to be served hot.
  • Buffet lighting setup.
  • The use of decorations.

How to serve buffet

In the buffet system, guests will feel relaxed and can enjoy a meal by taking the desired food themselves which has been neatly arranged on the buffet table from appetizer to dessert. In a luxurious buffet event, guests will be served appetizing food or soup-like at an official meal before guests go to the buffet table to take the main meal, ice water, bread, and sometimes desserts are also served by officers.

Special arrangements for buffets must be done correctly, dinner plates must place in the first row and the number must be more than the number of guests, the arrangement must be following the buffet menu outline.

To provide faster service, we often find special buffet tables for appetizer food, soup, main course, and dessert as well as tables for a drink

Some of the things that this service carries out include:

  • Greet and greet guests
  • Helping guests in storing warm clothes
  • Serves aperitif drink
  • Light a candle
  • Take guests to their seats
  • Serves drinks
  • Tidy up the glass
  • Change the ashtray
  • Cleansing empty plates from the guest table
  • Prepare cutlery
  • Serving the drinks ordered by guests
  • Increase the number of plates on the buffet table
  • Arranging dishes on the buffet
  • Providing services to guests who need assistance
  • Keep the table clean
  • Serves coffee
  • Change the ashtray
  • Clean up the buffet table

Arrangement of the table and seating forms in banquet events

There are various kinds of banquet tables and seating arrangements for a function. What must consider in determining the arrangement of tables and guest seats is the ease of serving dishes and the ease of traffic for the event in question such as arranging the banquet room, it will require some equipment such as:

Guest table/dining table

A) d ‘uice table 70 x 70 cm for 2 person

B) square table 90 x 90 cm for 4 person

C) round table 1.50 m for five-person

D) rectangular table 70 x 240 cm for 8 person

To regulate the layout of the banquet table, you need to consider several factors

  • The wishes of the parties adjust to the type of banquet event order
  • Type of activity
  • The number of guests
  • The large size of the room and its layout
  • The type of food that is served
  • Have any talks from the hosts
  • Is there entertainment
  • Is there a place to dance
  • Needs decoration
  • Gemini type of payment
  • Need not a photographer
  • Whether a dessert is provide
  • If the presentation is done buffet, is there a need for kitchen workers?
  • Availability of bulletin boards at the entrance to the party room

Meanwhile, in arranging the table/dining table, you must pay attention

  • The distance between the tables is 2 meters
  • Table width 90 cm
  • The width between each cover is between 60 -80 cm
  • The space between the wall and the chair is 1 meter which use to pass the waiters
  • The height of the chairs from the floor generally ranges from 46 cm – 50 cm

Buffet table banquet event order

The buffet table is a table that use to serve food and drinks in a buffet. The form of preparing the buffet table can be divide into two:
Sharpe line buffet table
The form of a buffet table arranges in one lengthwise manner where all food from appetizer to dessert along with its equipment arrange in order on one buffet table.
Scramble buffet table
A buffet table arrange separately where each buffet table use to place one or two types of dishes and their equipment

Types of tables used to make buffet tables

  • Rectangular table / oblong
  • Round table
  • Half round table
  • Quarter round table
  • Serpentine table trapezoid table

Floor dance

Floor dance is a dance floor facility provided during the banquet, depends on consumer demand.

Meeting room layout

  • Theater-style
  • Theater-style
  • Classroom style
  • U – sharp style / horseshoe style
  • Boardroom style
  • Hollow square / oval style
  • T- shape
  • Banquet style
  • V shape or chevron
  • Reception style
  • Cabaret
  • Dinner and dance party

Style banquet event order

  • Combination style
  • The classroom combination style
  • Octagon style
  • Oval style
  • Round style and half-round style
  • Herringbone style

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