How to Arrange Your Wedding Processional – Order Of Wedding Ceremony

wedding processional
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So if you’re confused about how to arrange your wedding processional. And have any questions. Today we’re here to help. So
first things first I’m going to permit you to do it. Differently after all it’s your wedding. So I’ll tell you what tradition is. But if you want to do it a little differently and personalize it. Go ahead after all it’s your wedding anyway right. So first let’s talk about grandparents. If you have grandparents for both the groom and the bride. Just think about the rule in ballroom dancing. The male leads so in this case the male’s family will lead. So you’re gonna put the groom’s grandparents before the bride’s grandparents in your wedding processional.

You can also remember the rule of the wedding processional. That the male leads if you have two sets of grandparents for. Let’s say the groom you put the paternal grandparents. The grandparents from the father’s side first. Because males family leads in. And then you would put the grooms. Grandparents from his mother’s side of the family. Next in line this rule also works. If you have anybody that might be divorced or divorced and remarried. If the groom’s parents are divorced. You’re gonna pick the groom’s father first in line. And the groom’s mother would be second both with escorts.

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That’s actually how it goes grandparents first groom’s grandparent’s brad’s grandparents and then the groom’s parents would be next. And here’s a little tip of where I really like to customize and personalize the ceremony. When you’re doing the professional. Everybody worries about how the bride gets down the aisle. But seldom do we make a big deal about the groom. I love it right here at this moment. If the groom actually gets to walk. His mother down the aisle. Because it’s a special moment for her. And after all, moms absolutely love it.

In the case where you have the groom’s father showing up on the day as well. What you would do is dad would walk right behind the groom. And his mother kind of in the middle. So that way their faces can all be seen by the photographer. Or if your aisle is wide you could personalize it. Even more and let everybody walk down the aisle side by side. The next person after the groom’s parents would be the mother of the bride. In this case, the father of the bride if he’s walking the bride down the aisle. Mom’s gonna need an escort. I suggest any escort that might be a close family member first. Before you stick mom with the random groomsman.

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In Jewish ceremonies, mom’s actually gonna walk down the aisle with the father of the bride. In the bride and my future daughter’s wedding. Probably going to want to try to do this too. Because it’s cute to enter in. As a family just remember that you can personalize this. Any way you want it’s totally okay. If you go against tradition after the mother of the bride. Walks in traditionally this is. When the groom would enter. If you didn’t walk in with mom. You could already have the officiant down at the altar. Before the ceremony even starts which I kind of like. Because the officiant or your minister or pastor walks in the super official. And the music starts so if anybody’s not paying attention or turned around talking to another guest.

They’re gonna face the front. And get ready and quiet for the wedding processional. Once the groom is down the aisle. There’s a couple of things. That he could choose for his groomsmen to walk in one. You can do what call a wolf pack. Which is where all the groomsmen enter all at once. In this case tradition shows. That it should be the groom. That’s standing at the groomsmen. That’s standing the furthest away from the altar would enter first. If they’re going down the aisle. Or if they’re entering from the right. Like a traditional church wedding.

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The grooms would walk in best man first. All the way down to the groomsmen. That’s standing the furthest from the altar. Like to keep the best man close with the groom. No matter how they walk in. Just so when they’re standing in line together right. Before he’s getting married his best friends with him. Next would be the bridesmaids. So of course your option is to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen enter and in pairs. But if they’re gonna enter in individually. You would have the bridesmaid. That is starting furthest from the altar walking first. And keep the maid of honor close to the bride again right. Before they’re getting ready to walk down the aisle. Keep your best friend close.

If they’re walking in pairs. Actually, the same order is true. If you have an odd number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is another opportunity to personalize your processional. And get a little creative. You can partner two girls walking in together. The maid of honor can walk in by yourself. Or a guy can have a girl on either arm. Next, it’s time for the ring bearers. And then the flower girls walk down the aisle. If you have really young children in your processional. You might be better off. If you let them walk together versus separately.

That way they’re less intimidated by the crowd. And they’re more likely to actually make it to the altar. And finally, it’s time for the bride to walk down the aisle. Traditionally the bride is walked down by her father. But if dad’s not going to be there today up. That’s totally okay. You have three different options to choose from. The first option would be to choose another male. That’s important in your life to walk you down so. For example, this could be an uncle a brother. Or just a close friend. Your next option would be to have a mom walk you down the aisle instead. This way you still have a parent walking you in. And then the third and final option is to walk that aisle. Like it’s a runway and walks down by yourself.

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