Health Insurance For Couples That Married

Do you need health insurance for couples that married. This question may often arise in your mind. Whether you are going to or have just gotten married. No need to be overly confused, consider some considerations that can be the answer to this question.

Health Insurance For Couples That Married

Increased Needs After Marriage.
We all know that life after marriage requires many needs that must be met. This is different from the needs when you are single.

If both husband and wife work together, the salaries of both will be used for two parts, namely joint needs and personal needs.

And if only one party works, the income distribution will be more detailed considering that he has dependents. Not to mention if you and your partner have house installments, vehicle installments, and so on.

Therefore, policies to manage household finances are very important. Start choosing the first priority to the smallest priority in dividing monthly income.

Set targets and perform financial analysis in the future, as well as prepare the realization of other plans that you and your partner want.

The decision to have children is also an important one. Because you will have new dependents that oblige you to meet all their needs. The ability to manage finances must also be improved.

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Do You Need Health Insurance For Newly Married Couples?

After returning to remember that life after marriage has increased needs and costs of living, questions such as “do you need health insurance for newly married couples?”, It just feels natural if you have in mind.

Before considering the importance of health insurance for newly married couples, first, know that there are several income sharing posts that you must create when managing household income.

Among them are the following needs:

  • Food or monthly consumption
  • Clean water
  • Electricity
  • Cellphone Credit
  • Health
  • Savings and investment
  • Emergency fund or long-term savings
  • Entertainment (optional)

The health needs above are certainly the answer to the question of whether health insurance is needed for newly married couples? Yes, newly married couples are strongly advised to have trusted health insurance. Because health is a very important thing that you have.

The health of your body and that of your partner must be maintained because it is the main asset in life. Try to imagine if you live in a state of constant pain, then you can’t be productive and have a good day.

When in good health and prime, you might think that health insurance for newly married couples is important to protect yourself and your partner. In fact, health costs are not cheap.

Plus, health conditions can not be predicted. All possible risks of disease or physical injury due to accidents can occur at any time. Therefore, don’t let this happen to you and your loved ones.

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Why Health Insurance?

The question “Do you need health insurance for newly married couples?” already answered. Now, maybe some of you are wondering. Why not use your savings, emergency funds, or investments to cover health costs?

The answer, of course, is because these posts have another, no less important role. Savings function as money deposits that can be used at any time to achieve certain desired targets in the future, such as paying down home payments or being used as business capital.

Then, the investment is used as long-term savings that have the benefit of adding value in the future. So, it cannot be taken or disbursed carelessly.

Meanwhile, the emergency fund has a role similar to that of insurance, namely for urgent needs and for self-protection in case of layoffs. However, to collect emergency funds must be in large amounts which are often not easily reached by many people.

You must at least collect up to 6 times the income. This challenge makes people choose not to prioritize emergency funds in the first position. Collecting emergency funds little by little is fine, provided that at least you have health insurance.

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Benefits of Health Insurance for Newly Married Couples

The importance of health insurance for newly married couples can at least protect themselves to maintain and care for their health. Here are some health insurance benefits that can be obtained:

  • You will be guaranteed the best health care costs, only by paying a small monthly premium. This is easier to pay for if you are waiting to have a special health emergency fund in cash.
  • You can protect yourself and your beloved family. Because there is family health insurance that also protects your spouse and children.
  • Several types of health insurance also offer an investment value advantage and a 100 percent premium return. the investment value will benefit you in the future.
  • Health insurance also has additional benefits, namely life insurance funds if the insured dies. This fund helps to settle debts and to finance family life after the insured dies.

Choose Health Insurance With Additional Benefits

As mentioned earlier, there is health insurance which also offers additional benefits of life insurance funds. You must make this option, especially if you don’t have life insurance.

Once again, health condition and even life can not be predicted. It’s good if you prepare everything well so that it doesn’t cause problems later.

Health insurance helps you live your life in peace, without being distracted by thinking about health costs if you fall sick at any time.

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