Getting Through Hard Times In Marriage Quotes

Getting through hard times in marriage quotes

Getting through hard times in marriage quotes. When we were teenagers and in our 20s, maybe what we imagined about marriage were sweet and beautiful things with our husbands such as having dinner together, waking up next to our partner, and comforting each other when we were sad.

You also have the assurance that you will not spend your old age alone. It seems fun, huh.

However, married life is not always warm and easy, you know. There will be bitter moments in your relationship with your husband that prove that your love alone is not enough to cross the seas in the ark of your household.

Unfortunately, no one has told you about these bitter facts of marriage. But so that you are not surprised by the various challenges of married life. We are ready to divulge getting through hard times in marriage quotes. Listen carefully.

Falling in love is easy, what must be struggled with is how to keep loving each other


getting through hard times in marriage quotes

Getting through hard times in marriage quotes. When you first get to know your partner, it’s easy to fall in love with him. But the deeper you get to know him and know the things he has been hiding from you, the more your love will be tested.

After marriage, he will show habits that you feel disturbing such as putting things carelessly, getting up late, or kneeling to always be served. Are you able to keep your promise to love each other in joy and sorrow? Getting married is not about finding the perfect person for you, but finding someone you can accept their imperfections with.

The further in your marriage the challenges may seem easier, but they may also become more difficult. Then your love can fade and even disappear. These are the times when struggles will largely determine the direction of your marriage.

If you just surrender and keep quiet, get ready to say goodbye to a harmonious household.

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The first year of marriage will be very decisive

It’s only natural that in the first months of marriage, you guys are in the heat. But when the honeymoon period ends, you will find it difficult to compromise and live side by side with your partner. Well, at this point you will begin to doubt your choices and decisions because there is a sense of disappointment with your partner.

You may also question the future of your relationship. Be aware, the first year of marriage is a stage of adjustment and transition. But if you focus on the positive things about your marriage, not on the bad side, you and your husband will be able to go through this phase.

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Your partner is not the person who is responsible for your happiness

Just because he is willing to marry you, doesn’t mean he is someone who always has to be able to give you happiness. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on other people. You will often be disappointed if you think that your husband or wife should make you happy.

Your partner doesn’t always make you happy. Likewise, vice versa. You can’t every day be the perfect partner. Both you and your partner must understand that happiness comes from being grateful for what you already have and that you alone are responsible for your happiness.

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Love each other is not enough, you must share the vision, mission, and dreams in harmony with each other

From the beginning, You had to know the goals and hopes of her life partner. If you already know that you want different things for your future but insist on them, your journey will be full of obstacles. Especially if you are both stubborn, one must make sacrifices and give up his dream for the sake of his partner.

Initially, this sacrifice feels really sweet and meaningful, but it will taste like a thorn in the flesh after a while. So before you step into the aisle, you and your partner must both ensure the same vision. If it’s too different, discuss a way out from now on. Don’t wait too late.

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Unlike your festive wedding reception, married life can actually feel gloomy

Your wedding day is the happiest thing in your life. Gifts, congratulations, and all eyes on you. Unfortunately, marriage is not just about celebrating happiness.

Marriage means you and your partner must work hard to maintain the fire of your love. But the beauty of married life is that we can endure those difficult storms and find a rainbow at the end of the net.

Getting through hard times in marriage quotes. Getting married is not as beautiful as in fairy tales. If in a fairy tale, after marrying your ideal man, you can live happily ever after.

Well, unfortunately, the reality is not that easy. Precisely what makes a beautiful marriage is the sacrifice and struggle of you and your partner. By being patient and attentive to your partner, your love will last and bear sweet fruit. So, enjoy your household journey together

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