Getting a Wedding in Denmark How the Process Document Requirement and System

wedding in Denmark
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Getting a Wedding in Denmark And Document Requirement

If you want to get a wedding in Denmark. Then we would make an application for you directly. With the communes of the town halls. In which you would marry. And everybody had their own different time-frames. And they all had completely different document requirements. So some wanted birth certificates. Some wanted legalized birth certificates. Some wanted a marital status certificate to prove you’re single some didn’t. Somewhat accept photos some would accept scams. But also it was becoming quite well-known. In some way that was very very easy. To get married in Europe and this was abusing.

By some people who wish to get a wedding in Denmark. In what they call a pro forma marriage. To an EU citizen to obtain EU residency. So there was a media outcry about this. So it evaluates that there needs to be an all authority and managing governing body put in place. And this is the danish agency of family law. So they started on the first of January 2019. And since then rather than going directly to the town halls. Everything is done through a secure online application process system. Directly into the danish agency of family law systems. And the caseworkers there analyze the document. A verify and check everything is correct. That there is no question of a pro forma or sham marriage.

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Many Agencies Are Good and Will Ask for a Fairly Detailed Relationship

Which is what they actually put in place to try and target. This is why there are no’s to single status certificates required. Because it’s not what they’re looking for it’s. Not what they’ve been target is looking for. And then once your file is approved. The electronic file is simply sent to the town hall on your application. That you wish to marry and the date can be booked. They are not the actual town halls themselves. Which does confuse some people you do not speak to them. To book your ceremony date. They cannot advise on individual lead times, individual documents, local knowledge. They cannot speak about it in the event of a divorce.

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None of that they are literally a government office. To process your application process your file and just evaluate. That the relationship is a genuine one which is why now. That you’ll find a lot of good agencies. Will ask for quite a detailed relationship. Document so and it is the easiest route. To get through via the agencies. They do have a dedicated phone line and a dedicated email.

So you do find things go a little bit smoother. As well as the agency is working very very closely. The wonderful people in the agency of family law all work quite closely together. And know each other them up to date on changes.  What is require you must keep following. What is new and what is unacceptable. The bound to look at and where the agency of family lore. Fits into the wedding system. And how now they work with the town halls. And how they work with the agencies.

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