Five Factors That One Should Consider Before Marrying

five factors that one should consider before marrying

Five factors that one should consider before marrying. Getting married is not an easy matter. It takes a lot of preparation starting from the preparation of the event, the wedding party, to the preparation for entering married life. It can’t be careless so that the marriage doesn’t fail later. For those of you who are planning to get married soon, consider the following guidelines before marriage.

five factors that one should consider before marrying, are you ready?

We certainly hope to get married only once in a lifetime. For that, there needs to be careful preparation before actually deciding to get married. Below we review things to consider before marriage starting from preparation physical, mental, and financial. Here’s the information for you.

1. Be Mentally and Emotionally Ready

First and foremost, you must make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared. Why is that? Married life has its ups and downs. It will not always run smoothly.

The problems you face are also much different when you are dating or when you are living alone. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are done with yourself before deciding to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

Then, how do you know when you are ready? The answer may vary from person to person. However, one of them is the ability to solve problems with a cool head. There will always be problems in a marriage that don’t only come from oneself but also involve your partner.

2. Physically Ready

Once you are mentally and emotionally ready, you need to make sure you are physically ready. Starting with checking the ages of you and your partner, make sure you and your partner are old enough to marry. Generally over the age of 21 years.

Next, make sure you are in good health. Remember, feeling healthy is not the same as being healthy. So it never hurts to check the condition of your body. If you find that you have a certain disease, try to communicate openly with your partner immediately to get the best solution.

3. Financially Ready

Well, the next thing that is no less important is financial readiness. This financial readiness means the ability for you and your partner to make money. Not only money for marriage expenses but also money for living expenses after marriage.

In addition, being financially ready also means your ability to manage finances. Because even if your income is high, if you don’t know how to manage finances properly, it can run out in a short time.

Keep in mind that after marriage, you need to have your own dwelling. If you decide to have children, you will also need to prepare a living cost plan for them. Not only that, but you also have to prepare an emergency fund and a pension fund later.

4. Ready to Build Further Relationships

The nature and character of a person are dynamic, which means that he or she can change or not. That’s why before deciding to get married, it would be better if you recognize the character of your partner during courtship. Make sure you and your partner really know each other. Know what your partner’s views, thoughts, and values are like.

This even includes trivial problems such as your partner’s bad habits at home. Also, make sure that the communication between you is not a problem. Because, in the end, you will make compromises over and over again, as well as your partner. Communication is what can save your relationship if one day gets into a conflict.

5. Mind and Skill Ready

The last things to consider before marriage. Sometimes forgotten to be discussed are mental and skillful readiness. Married life requires teamwork. You can’t keep relying on your partner for one particular task, and vice versa.

For that, we need skills in thinking to find effective solutions and skills to execute these solutions. If you have lived alone before and are used to doing things on your own, this can be easy. If not, it’s a good idea to start practicing now. That way, it is hoped that you and your partner can share domestic duties at home.

Well, there are five factors that one should consider before marrying which are important for you to know. Getting married is not a matter that can be underestimated, therefore, prepare carefully and don’t be in a hurry. Communicate with your partner to get another point of view. Hopefully, the information above helps!

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