Don’t Rush Into Marriage Quotes

Don't rush into marriage quotes

Don’t rush into marriage quotes. Received the question, “When to get married?” You will often hear when you are in your 20s. Especially for women, getting married at a young age seems to have become an inevitable conversation. Either for health reasons or habits, women are expected to find their life partners soon.

In fact, not all women are ready to marry at a young age. There are quite a number of women who prefer to prioritize other things before marriage. Then if the level of readiness of women is different, does it still have to be forced to marry at a young age?

There are quite a number of people who want to get married soon because of the age factor. Even if asked about emotional readiness, this is still a question mark.

A friend once asked me when I was planning to get married. At that time I answered, “Well, clearly over the age of 25.” With a shocked face, he then said that over 25 is too old to be married.

According to him, a woman would be better off if she married under 25.

I also answered her statement with the answer: “Yes, if it’s not ready, how about it?

Don’t you want to get married because of your age?”

You may have heard of the conversation illustration above or even experienced it too. Often age is used as a benchmark to measure the appropriateness of marriage. Even though they have lived in the modern era, there are still many people who think that at a certain age people should be married.

Yet if you look at mental maturity, the person is not necessarily ready. However, due to habitual factors, demands to get married often come.

A person’s readiness for marriage is clearly not determined by his age. There are people who might be ready when they were young. Meanwhile, not a few are not ready, even though they are quite old age.

Some of them may not think about marriage because there is still much to be had. Whether it’s a career, education, or other things.

Getting married is often seen as a necessity. So that if someone has not done it, then the phase of his life is considered imperfect.

Although it is not stated explicitly, getting married is often seen as a form of obligation. After completing higher education and working, it seems like the people around you are obliging you to enter the next phase, namely marriage.

If this has not been fulfilled, then there is an assumption that life is not complete. Indirectly, we are required to carry out the life cycle that most people live.

The Time Will Come for Me to Get Married One Day, So Why Should You Hurry To Force Yourself?

Of course for some people, this kind of thing is quite disturbing. You may also ask, should we follow the standard of living as everyone else does? Should we marry for reasons of age? Then if you don’t do it, is that a sign that we are wrong?

A series of questions above could be in your head. Those of you who are at a mature age may often hear similar questions. Questions about when to get married, whether from parents, extended family, or neighbors, sometimes make it uncomfortable.

But the thing to remember is that marriage is not a match. Don’t rush into marriage quotes. You don’t have to get married because of age or other people’s demands.

Understand that a series of questions about when to get married will embarrass you. I think if you can, want to get married quickly to silence their mouths.

But remember marriage is not a match. You don’t have to live up to people’s expectations if you are not mentally ready to commit to marriage.

Just enjoy the storyline of your life. Because when the time comes, that sense of preparedness will come naturally. Later when you meet him who makes sure, believe it won’t take long to say “yes” to the marriage.

Don’t rush into marriage quotes. Follow every flow of life that God has prepared. Because marriage is not a competition where the winner is determined by who gets married first.

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