Divorce Are Common Due To These 12 Problems

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Each marriage has faced challenges and concerns. You may have endured constant fights with your wife or you are gradually able to see the partners’ faults that you did not find while you were dating. Again, nobody is fine, so that means that we have to be able to go through anything without looking back while we are committed to marriage. There are times, on the other hand, that divorce is inevitable and there are many things that can cause divorce.

The above is, according to relationship experts, the most important cause of divorce.

Divorce comes from financial or cash issues

It is undeniable that one of the most important reasons for divorces is financial difficulties. It is unethical to care about money before you fall in love, but after you get married, money becomes more important because several facets of life are involved.

This money dilemma, for instance, allows your finances to be disrupted because your wife likes to go into debt without you noticing. Another example, you want to shop, even though your funds cannot afford these expenses. Divorce will be a cure for you if a solution is not found.

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Lack of intimacy

Physical interaction between partners may decline over time. For you, sex can either be a compliment or you may avoid having sex over time.

Intimacy isn’t about sex, actually, because by little stuff, such as a kiss on the cheek before heading for the office, a tight embrace, holding hands, massaging your husband on the weekend, or just texting him to say, love, you can always feel comfortable with your partner. The marriage would be dull and divorce is more likely to arise if all the love is gone.


Of course, the reason for this one is obvious. No one is willing to be betrayed by their own partner. Even so, many couples try to survive after being hit by infidelity problems.

The problem is, infidelity will change your marriage, destroy your trust, and destroy communication between you. If the affair happens repeatedly, chances are that you and your partner divorce.

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Domestic violence

If your marriage to your partner is tinge with violence, then divorce is the best option. Many people assume that domestic violence is only in the form of physical violence, even though this violence can take various forms, ranging from emotional to financial. Yelling, scolding with harsh words, threatening, taunting, and withholding money for you also include domestic violence.

Divorce from Addiction

You may think, this addiction problem revolves between addiction to drugs and alcohol. But other forms of addiction can also affect your marriage, such as addiction to gambling, addiction to pornography, addiction to sex, addiction to playing video games, even addiction to shopping for luxury goods include.

Addiction can control a person’s life and keep him away from those closest to him. Not only you, but also family, friends, and even he could lose his job because of this addiction.

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Divorce because not ready to marry or marry too young

One of the reasons that a person divorces is that he or she is not really ready to marry or marry at such a young age. In fact, the highest divorce rate is in your 20s and nearly half of all divorces occur in the first 10 years of marriage.

Indeed, a person’s maturity cannot see from their age, but those who marry young generally cannot understand how to face tough challenges in marriage, especially if they also become parents at a very young age.

Married for the wrong reasons

Don’t shock, there are also, you know, people who, for the wrong reasons, get marry. They may want to marry because, although they are no longer young, they see other friends marry, or they may want to marry because they believe their partner will help them.

If someone marries not based on love and commitment, marriage will certainly be difficult to maintain. In the end, you will only focus on the shortcomings of a partner and when you meet difficult times, you prefer to separate rather than keep the marriage. It’s all because the reason you marry isn’t true.

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Lack of emotional support

According to relationship experts who talk to divorced women, many of them feel they don’t receive emotional support from their partners. They mostly feel humiliated, disrespected, not considered, their position is only as a wife who takes care of the household, and they are no longer a priority for their partners. When there is no mutual respect or one party feels that they are inferior, that can also lead to divorce.

Loss of love

In a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, nearly half of divorced people said they and their partner lost their love, which led to divorce. There is no betrayal or infidelity, but sometimes partners develop in different directions and lose romantic feelings for their partners. Even when together, they always feel ‘distant’.

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Loss of identity

Change in human life is certain. A person must change, develop, gain experience and insight. Often in a marriage, there is one party who feels he is sacrificing more to keep the marriage going.

For example, when a woman is forced to stop working to become a mother, she originally dreams of having a career. Compromise is very necessary for a relationship, but the sacrifice will only make a person lose his identity and make him hate the relationship. No wonder that this is also the cause of divorce.

Communication problems

In relationships, contact often lists as the most significant thing. That’s true because communication problems can lead to divorce. These communication problems include disagreements about the use of money, commitment issues, arguing incessantly, to not convey what is felt.

The point is if you cannot communicate in two ways with your partner, it means that your communication with him is a problem. The more things allow, the bigger the problem so that it can make your relationship apart and lead to divorce.

Divorce from feeling it is time to part

Often you’re puzzled when you see people who’ve been together for a long time then plan to split. It could be that they spend a long time-solving problems in the marriage and have tried to maintain the marriage. But finally, at one point, they gave up and agree to divorce, because they feel it was the right thing to do.

Here are some of the most common causes of divorce, according to experts. Hope that doesn’t happen to you. But if you decide to divorce for the reasons above, know that you are not alone.

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