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best days to get married in 2021
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The best day to get married in 2021 is one of the good days for marriage that is determined by the prospective bride and groom when they want to enter into a marriage contract. Marriage is one of the sacred moments and is one of the hopes of being the first and the last in life. From this, then you have to determine many considerations before marriage, one of which is a beautiful date and a good day to get married, with the hope that this day will become a day that will make a silent witness of your love.

Determining a good day and date for marriage will bring blessings, peace, and harmony to the household. Although currently many modern young couples leave this matter. However, beautiful dates and days are still considered to be the wedding day.

Through this web page, we will share beautiful and good days and dates for having the best days to get married in 2021. Thus, it will be easier for your prospective partners to determine beautiful dates from January to December 2021.

As we said before, that they set a good date to get married to get happiness in the household, but on the other hand, so that this day is easy to remember because that date and day is a special day they have legally become a legal partner.

And for those of you who already have plans to get married in 2021, here are some beautiful and good dates to carry out a marriage contract. You can choose the one that you think is suitable for holding the wedding reception.

This Is The Best Day To Get Married In 2021


January is a good month to get married, where for couples who get married at the end of last July which coincides with January 2021, if there is a problem in the household it will be resolved immediately and rise from the difficulties.

As for January 2021, between the 16th January 2021 to the 14th February 2021. And for the beautiful date for marriage is on 21 January 2021 (21 01 2021).


How about February? In February 2021 you can get a beautiful date to have a wedding, and according to our predictions, this beautiful date 21 02 2021 will be widely used for contracts and receptions, because besides being beautiful this date is good. After all, it will bring good luck and safety.

Apart from the above, getting married in February will be given offspring who are intelligent and obedient to their parents. Because there will be many who will hold receptions on that date, you should make preparations from the start, be it building bookings, catering, wedding attire, sound, and also entertainment that you want to rent to enliven your wedding day.


Because in march 2021 you can get a beautiful date to get married on 13 03 2021. And this month is also a good month to enter into a marriage contract.

Hopefully getting married in march will be given offspring, luck, and lots of fortune in the household. As for the beautiful date that you can choose to hold the contract and reception, it is 21 03 2021


Whether you are getting married abroad in 2021, it’s better to choose in April. Also, this month there is a beautiful date for marriage, which is 04 04 2021.
Apart from the good month which is full of blessings, and also choosing a date that is beautiful and easy to remember in April is spring if abroad, this will certainly be a romantic addition when the bonds of sacred vows are validated.

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Best days to get married in 2021 May

In some books, it is stated that getting married in may is a good day and also gives blessings and is full of kindness. The good months coincide with May and June, which are between May 13 and June 11.

And for a beautiful and good date to do your wedding, you can get it on 15 05 2021, because this date is easy to remember.

Best days to get married in 2021 June

The middle of 2021, which is June which also coincides with the month of Shawwal, is certainly a good day to get married. And the beautiful date for the wedding is on 06 06 2021, and this will be marked a lot for those who are doing the wedding because besides being beautiful it is also a good day.


Marriage is one of the worship services as a complement to life. July is a good month to get married, and many are carrying out their marriage contract promises.

As for the beautiful date that you can meet this month is 17 07 2021, in addition to the good day for conducting a wedding reception, this date is very easy to remember to make sacred promises in building household happiness.


In this august, you can do a contract and reception on a beautiful date and a good day 08 08 2021, apart from being beautiful and a good day for the wedding, this date is very easy to memorize and remember.

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Usually, there are many promos at the end of the year including wedding organizers, pre-wedding photos, and also for wedding supplies. And in September you can make it a good day to do the reception and contract title.

And one of the beautiful dates that have been targeted is 19 09 2021 because that day coincides with a Sunday, which of course there will be many invitations that will come to congratulate you on the wedding you are conducting.


Determining the date and good day for marriage is also known as the Fengshui of the Chinese calendar, and it is believed that they get married on a date with good fungus, the household will be blessed, fortune will double and the household will also be filled with lots of fortunes.

As for good Fengshui in October 2021, it falls on 10 10 2021. Besides having a good aura, the date is also beautiful and easy to remember. Carry out your sacred promise in the marriage bond.

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Not a few hold weddings at the beginning of the rainy season like November. Because as long as they still find a good day for the bride and groom. And your channel can provide suggestions for beautiful and easy-to-remember dates. Carrying out the contract and reception on 21 11 2021. The dates of the month are quite sequential and memorable.

Best days to get married in 2021 December

Getting married at the end of the year. Also approaching Christmas is one of the best options to find a good day for marriage. You can get a beautiful date to complete the marriage contract, namely on 12 12 2021 or 21 12 2021. Besides being beautiful and good, this date is easy to remember.

However, at the end of the year or the beginning of the year. There are only a lot of wedding organizers whose prices have gone up. So if you want to do a wedding at the end of the year. You have to pay a lot of money. However, it will not be comparable to you who get a soulmate forever. And are bound in the sacred promise of marrying.

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Conclusion best days to get married in 2021

Regarding the date, month, and day of a good marriage, it returns to you whether you believe it or not. However, some of the dates above are beautiful dates for weddings in 2021.

And if you believe in a good day to get married. You should also need to study, to be able to predict the suitability of a mate. The character of the partner and the type of work that is suitable. Because all this is a complete package, to add insight.

That is the information regarding the beautiful date for the best days to get married in 2021. Hopefully, what you looking for so far has got enough information.

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