Already Married But Why Don’t I Have Children Yet

Already married but why don't I have children yet

Already married but why don’t I have children yet. Pregnancy is something that many married couples have been waiting for. Sometimes there are obstacles in the pregnancy effort that cause couples not to become pregnant after more than 1 year of marriage. Conditions that are difficult to get pregnant like this can be caused by many factors, namely:

To ascertain the cause of difficulty getting pregnant, further examination by obstetricians and gynecologists is required. We recommend that you and your wife consult with your obstetrician so that further tests are carried out to find out the causes of difficult pregnancy conditions so that you and your wife can get appropriate treatment and pregnancy programs. You and your wife can try the following tips to speed up your pregnancy efforts:

  • Your steps to relate when the fertile period is very appropriate
  • Perform regular intercourse 3-4 times/week
  • Take folic acid
  • Increase consumption of spinach, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, cereals, oranges, papaya, watermelon, and mangoes
  • Avoid raw, undercooked, smoking, and alcoholic beverages
  • Do a health check with an obstetrician

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