Things To Say To Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still Love

things to say to your ex boyfriend that you still love

Things you want to say to your ex boyfriend that you still love. Although not all of them, there are some guys who find it very difficult to express their feelings to their boyfriends, even after breaking up. Especially if the one who ends the relationship is you and without considering whether he is still affectionate or not. As a result, sometimes they will keep their feelings because they haven’t had time to express them. Either by reason of not being brave or having already broken up, some of these things turn out to be what a guy wants to say to an ex he still loves, you know. What can you do? Check out some of them below.

I’m glad we got together. Thank you very much.

Things you want to say to your ex-boyfriend that you still love. For some guys, the time he spent with you as his girlfriend was a very important beautiful moment in his life. Even though he didn’t end up becoming a couple, he still wanted to sincerely thank you for being met with a woman like yourself.

Sorry at that time I was immature and couldn’t make you happy yet.

If you and he broke up with the condition that he still loves you, then this message can show that he really has fallen in love with you. In fact, it is not uncommon for him to delay looking for your replacement just because he wants to start a family consisting of you, him, and your children later.

I will keep trying to be a better person. When that time comes, come back to me.

Things to say to your ex boyfriend that you still love. He who still loves you seems like he will do anything to make you happy. Especially if he has experienced many breakups that are painful and caused by his personality that you cannot accept. For that, usually, a man like this will withdraw and promise to improve himself. Until then, wait for him to really become a better person.

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There are many things that are more important than just money.

Some men in fact only focus on achieving financial success without realizing that real happiness cannot be bought by money. As a result, they often worry and feel inferior because they can’t give you expensive things that can make you happy. In fact, as a woman, not all happiness can be measured in money, right?

I’m so sorry that I betrayed you at that time.

Not a few love relationships end as a result of repeated infidelity or cheating. Some of them are also done by male figures who feel bored and attracted to other women. However, after breaking up with you, he will be very sorry and feel stupid for betraying you. Usually, this happens because he just realized how lucky it is to have you after you decide.

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Thank you for falling in love with me. At that time you gave me the courage to live again.

Not only feel sorry, but some men also don’t dare to say that they are very grateful because you have fallen in love with them. One word that guys want to say at that moment is thank you for your attention because with your presence at that time, you made me confident again. Until that word was said, even he could still have the same feelings as the first time he met you.

Sometimes men often think that as a man he must be tougher and accept everything well. As a result, he will find it difficult to express the true feelings he feels. Some of the above might be things you would like to say to your ex-boyfriend that you still love.

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