Mean Things To Call Your Ex

Mean things to call your ex

Mean things to call your ex. If we date a guy who has dated before, there is one thing that will always overshadow us: his ex. We think he moved on before we started out with us, but in fact, there are guys who actually still think about their exes even though they already have a new boyfriend. Here are 7 signs

He compares us to his ex without realizing it

If your boyfriend still hasn’t moved on, he will often compare us to his ex, even without realizing it. Mean things to call your ex. Maybe he doesn’t mention his ex’s name, but he can say “I used to be with him when I went to …”. And other stories reminiscing about past relationships.

But you don’t need to get angry right away, girls, this doesn’t always mean he’s still back. Maybe he just hasn’t moved on from the hurt after breaking up.

He calls us by the name of his ex.

Sometimes it is true that everyone can slip up and say the wrong name. But if your boyfriend calls us by the name of his ex. We have to talk to him to make sure whether he really hasn’t moved on or if there is some other reason.

Bringing up your ex at the wrong time

Talking about exes can indeed make us insecure, especially when it’s not the right time. It’s really bad when he is dating all of a sudden he even tells about his ex. If this really makes us uncomfortable, talk to your boyfriend.

Bad-mouthing your ex to us

If your boyfriend likes to talk about negative things about his ex, it means that he still can’t move on from the hurt he felt when they broke up. Ask your boyfriend what is bothering him. Even though we are not obliged to heal his hurt, there’s nothing wrong with helping.

Still contacting the ex

When your boyfriend is still in contact with his ex, this doesn’t necessarily indicate something bad. But in order for the heart to be calmer and not continue to have a suspicion, it’s better if we talk directly to him.

Defends his ex

Even though you have broken up, it doesn’t mean that your boyfriend has to talk about his ex. Respect is indeed important, but if he often cheats or compliments his ex in front of our friends, this is a sign that he still has feelings.


Mean things to call your ex. Sometimes, without any signs, we can also feel that our girlfriend is still thinking about it and fails to move on from the previous relationship. Before our relationship continues any further, immediately talk to him, girls

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