How To Text Your Ex Boyfriend For The First Time

How to text your ex boyfriend for the first time

How to text your ex boyfriend for the first time. Even though they broke up with their lover, many people still have feelings of affection. Not only that, but there may also be a sense that the ex-lover is his soul mate. In fact, it’s not uncommon for those who end up marrying former lovers, right? If you are in a similar situation but are still hesitant to restart the conversation with your ex, some simple sentences might be worth trying.

1. “It makes me remember you”

How to text your ex boyfriend for the first time. Adapt this sentence to your language style. However, to start, you can send a funny meme, photo, or video that you know you will like. Tell her that the meme, photo or video reminds you of her. This is a great way to show that you still think of him, without making it seem too serious.

2. “I still have your favorite things”

Breaking up creates mixed feelings. If you want to get back into your ex’s hug, try telling him that you still have his stuff – if you do. It doesn’t have to be her property, it could be things she gave her, food that you often eat together, or even items that are memorable in your relationship. If the response is positive, you can offer to take another look at the item. And, if it’s his favorite food or drink, you can also invite him to enjoy it together while chatting.

3. “Remember our time …”

Getting back together with your ex is a process, but the first step is to rebuild communication. You can start by sharing the fun memories that you shared together. Let your ex remember the good times you were with. If your efforts get a positive response, then he will do the same.

4. “Congratulations!”

Even though you broke up, the two of you may still be friends on social media. So, use the media to communicate with him again. Of course, you don’t need to look back at the memories with him, for example through mentions or Instagram Stories. However, try starting with a “congratulations” greeting, for example when he makes a milestone at work, or just finished a job. Let him know that you appreciate his hard work.

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5. “How are you?”

If you haven’t found any momentum to greet your ex back, just ask him how you are doing via text. Is he still running the project he was on when you guys parted? Or is he still watching the series that you watched together? Let him know that you not only remember the past, but are interested in his current life, and respect his accomplishments.

6. “So glad I could …”

Show your ex that you are not silent, that you are one step closer to your dreams and become a stronger person. Be honest about what you have done during your time apart. Tell me what developments are you working on. The meaning of all this is to announce that you are in a good position, whether you are alone or in a pair.

7. “How are your family/friends?”

It’s important to show that you don’t see your ex as someone who stands alone. See him as part of a network, a network that you will also enjoy if the two of you get back together. Show that you are ready to familiarize yourself with family and friends.

8. “Are you close to other people?”

This is indeed a very difficult question. However, if your goal is to get back with your ex, then you need to make sure that he is still alone. If it turns out that he already has a new girlfriend, wish him all the best. But if not, then that’s where you can start familiarizing yourself again to achieve that goal.

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9. “I should have said …”

You can also express things that you regretted when you broke up. Returning to an ex is not easy unless you understand the pain it might feel. Try to recall your communication at that time and the words you want to clarify or retract. Let your ex process it all. If he just got angry because of your step, maybe this is not the right time to bring him back together. But if he responds wisely, then you are on the right track.

10. “You’re still the funniest / smartest / bitchest person I know.” You can also take your time by complimenting him. If he’s a really funny person, tell him that he’s still the funniest person you know. In essence, make him remember what made him important.

11. “I miss”

This step actually takes courage, because your ex might just ignore you right away.

However, your goal is to get him back so his response is very important. If he doesn’t seem interested, you may need to rethink your goal.

12. “Will you go out with me?”

How to text your ex boyfriend for the first time. Short messages are the perfect medium to get your ex back together. However, you need a face-to-face conversation before deciding whether you are ready to invite him back together. Try asking him to go out with you or make a video call. Any face-to-face format can help you see how he responds, and ultimately bring your ex back together.

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